Tropical Nail Art Challenge

Part of an August Nail Art Challenge @nailartaug on instagram I am currently following is the theme 'tropical'.  I wasn't sure what tropical was... but images of pineapples,  sunset,  cocktails and coconut trees sprang to mind.

Anyways,  I  was going through my wardrobe looking for something to wear and I came across an old pairs of shorts and I thought 'that's it!  That's my tropical nail!'

And so here is an image of what inspired me and what  I drew. @bealeejewellery

Nail technology

I have recently started training to be a nail technician!  Hehe I smile when I think of the phrase 'nail technician' or 'nail technology'.  In case you don't know what a nail technician's a person who does more than just manicures  and pedicures... She or he does nail art,  acrylic nails and gel nails.

It's so exciting! I've always loved doing nails even back in college.  I used to ambush my friends and so their nails for them. Now,  I'm actually training to get certified for it!  Exciting! 
My favourite model who is my sister has just gone back to Gloucester to her in-laws'place so i have no 24-hr live model to play with anymore!

Anyways,  it's never too late to change careers. Here's a pic of my sister's red nails which I have to send in for assessment. Red is a bully to paint.  Every mistake shows up like a neon sign!

Rum and brandy Soaked Dried Fruits!

Dried fruits soaked in rum and cherry brandy...YUM!!!! I opened the lid to take a pic of the fruits and the smell was HEAVENLY!!!!

Yes, it's that time of the year again. Last year I made Christmas cakes and the cakes earned me brownie points with hubby and my friend, Joanne also said it was nice. I brought some home for my family and my mum and sister enjoyed it too and told me to make it again this year.

Here's a pic of my decorated christmas cakes last year. I had so much fun playing with the icing.

So here I am, soaking the fruits in preparation to make them moist and plump. I think the secret to a moist Christmas or any fruit cakes is to plump up the dried fruits first.

Well, I'm using a new recipe this year because I can't remember what I did last year and I can't remember which recipes I mixed and matched from. So this year, I will write it down! I Promise! (at this point, I should write down how much and what dried fruits I used!)

Will let you know how it goes!!!! Fingers crossed!