So Cute

So when Peng came over to visit me, she wanted to knit something for the baby of one of her friends and so I tried out the pattern for a baby bootie. So here it is...isn't it cute? It was kind of fun to make too cos it's sooo cute!!! This is a knitted one.

Right and here is the crochet one. It's a difffernt pattern and not as cute as the knittted one, kan? but stilllll,it's sooooo cute!


Yeah!!! I can leave comments again!!!!!

The problem, according to Google, was because of Firefox. Some people had the same problem all of a sudden after their Firefox was updated.  Apparently Firefox does something to your settings after each update, so that's why I had that problem suddenly. update or not to update next time???


hmm... I wonder what the problem is.... I can't leave comments on anyone's blog!!! Been trying for days!!!..

sob! sob! It has come to a point where I feel so left out cos I can't take part in commenting about anyone's blog. Just when I feel sociable and want to say something about what's been happening in my friends' lives, this happens...sob sob... somebody figure out what's happening and tell me!

so depressing! sigh! Arghhh!!!!

This is ridiculous!!!! I can't even comment on my own blog!!!!! arrrggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!


I'm wondering how to start this blog...hmmm... ok! So Peng came over on Tuesday and went home the next day. Right...What did we do? hehehe... We knitted and crocheted. When we weren't knitting or crocheting, we were eating and gossiping. And this pic was taken at a sushi shop called Sushi OneOEight.

I must say it's been a while since I sat down and knitted almost the whole day. It was very nice too catching up with each other face to face. There's something about sitting down and chatting to a friend. It brings up the feeling of kinship.

The internet is good because it connects one to one's friends no matter where one is. But I think when you sit down and talk to someone face to face, it allows you to see facial expressions and hear the little oohs and ahhs that come natural with a proper conversation between people. Obviously, you can do the same by typing all the ohhs and ahhs you want to say...but it just isn't the same. Smileys can't replace facial expressions either cos they are soooo limited....

Anyways, back to what I was saying... was very enjoyable chatting to a friend and not having to be careful of what you say and gossiping!!!... Not that we gossiped about anyone a lot, Peng hor? heheh well, you know what I mean! I miss sitting down and chatting to girlfriends and go yumcha and all that! sigh!!!

Ok! Who wants to visit me next? Or shall I come visit?

Our New Place - Part 3

OK...Sorry to do this in bits, guys but it get very cold sitting down at one spot for too long in this house so here are pics of the bathroom... The bathroom was the first room we saw when we first viewed this place and we both fell in love with it... You will soon see why...

See how big the bathroom is??? hehe... it's bigger than the guestroom at our old place... If you take the tub away, you can fit in a double bed and still have space for a built-in wardrobe!!! I love the bathroom! On the left is the shower cubicle. The previous tenants told us that the bathroom used to be fully carpeted and they pushed the landlord to removed half of the carpet. I can see why some people would want to carpet the bathroom to keep the heat in but a carpeted bathroom is ridiculous! sigh! Look at the size of the window. the draft keeps coming in... but it also lets the light in which we love.

This is what we love! hehe... our clawed bath... hehe it's not very pretty to be honest but I find it amusing... hehe .. I suppose whoever bought this bath wanted something vintage but cheap to fit in with the period of the house I suppose. I love the fact that it's a standalone bath or whatever you call it instead of the modern built in baths. Gives it a nice vintage posh feel I think... hehe...and this bath is not suitable for tall people...haha...if I lie down in the bath, my toes cam just touch the other end of the bath! hehe

And this is our bedroom. There's another fireplace feature in the room, but again I'm not sure if it's a working one or not cos it also has a flue flap. And we forgot to ask the owner when he came to see us.
Isn't the window amazing? I love the big windows that let in a lot of light...and draft... but the front of the place is a listed building cos it was built in 1805 so the window can't be changed...and I suppose restoring it would cost a lot of money and is time consuming...It's one of those half and half that you push up to open it. Oh well, I suppose living in an old building has lots of ups and downs.. great features but costly to maintain... our electric bill will probably skyrocket due to trying to heat the place up...sigh...

I have taken a pic of the front of the place but I'm still waiting for hubby to email it to me... sigh...

Our New Place - Part 2

Here are more pics of our place. This is a pic of the kitchen. Looks nice or what?!? It even has a gas stove! Unlike the silly electric stove at the old place that I don't like. You can see that it gets sunny when the sun is out. Peng, note the piggy basket on the left. Thanx for sending me that! Audrey, isn't it amusing it has got green tiles??? lol

And going out the back door to the garden, this is what you see. I love the wooden deck although it rained last couple of days and we both nearly slipped on the deck when we went out cos there was moss growing on the deck. The potted plants are ours. Just beyond the deck are stones.
And to the right of the garden or backyard, is this biggish space. I've been thinking of what to plant beside the fence... We have a squirrel that comes looking for food in the garden in the mornings. See that tree by the back fence? That's where he hides his food on the ground sometimes. Beyond the back fence is unused space cos the neighbours couldn't get a building grant to build something so we have lots of birds in the mornings when it's not cold.
Best part of the day is when it's sunny and I have breakfast at the kitchen with the birds chirping outside and watching the squirrel go about his business in the garden. If only I were a woman of leisure again... so i could spend more time in the house. But on second thought, maybe not...cos it's cold in the house. we are both usually freezing by evening cos of the high ceiling and the draft from the doors.

Oh and we met the owner of the place yesterday. He said the house was built in 1805 and that's 204 years ago!!! It's an old Georgian Mansion. There's a basement, 2 floors and an attic. The son bought this floor first, then the owner bought the basement and the daughter the first floor over the years. Now they are waiting for the attic to come on the market! sigh!

Our New Place

After 4 days of hard physical labour carrying things, (at least it's going down the stairs instead of up the stairs!) to the car to the new place, a week of unpacking and looking for things and losing things , (you know how that is, when you put something at a new place and you can't find it again!) and spraining my wrist on the third day of moving rendering my right hand useless, we have settled down in our new place. Our new place is fantastic. It's big and spacious with lots of storage places, a proper kitchen and a back garden. Our broadband and Sky are finally working so here are some pics of our new place. hmm... I must remember to take a pic of the place outside.

My hand in the wrist support... sigh!

Our Living Room with the light shining through the double doors. Doesn't it look nice and bright? This is an old mansion so the ceiling is high and the windows and doors hasveno double glazing so we are cold all the time but doesn't the place look fantastic? The fireplace looks classy and we don't think it's a working fireplace although there is a an opening to a flue.
I'll put up more pics soon of our place. Night Night now!