Stupid People Day

Have you ever had one of those days when stupid people seem to be everywhere??? God!!!!! Today is one of those days for me!!!! NOthing seem to go according to plans today and it's no fault of mine cos it involved other people!!! God!!!! I hate people!!!!!!

First errand of the day was to get Nana's batik painting from the sports centre. Nope, wasn't ready when we went....needed another 40 mins apparently to iron it!!!

Next, went to collect the dry cleaning which they botched up last week. nope, not ready either till afternoon.

Then, went to Shell to fill up the rental to exchange it for another, stupid attendant gave me the thumbs up cos I was going to use my credit card. stupid man didn't say the pump credit card machine thing was not working so I had to walk to the counter to pay. normally i wouldn't mind but my legs hurt. been hurting since forever.

After that, went to Maybank to bank in some money. only a queue of 4 in front of me,...quick??? nope! woman at front of queue's friend somehow got her money stuck in the next atm machine so put it out of order. left ours working. woman at front of queue for some reason couldn't work the touch screen properly so she gave up after 5 mins. then next woman had a whole pile of Rm 50 notes to bank in. sigh!!! after 20 mins, she was stilll feeding money into the bloody machine!!! why couldn't she have just queued up at the counter to bank in her money???? she kept pulling chunks of money out from her bag!!!! so we left after 25 mins of waiting!

then we went to get our manual gear car exchanged for an automatic one as well as pay the rest of the money. STUPID company!!!!! I will never ever and I implore all of you and your friends too to never ever rent a car from OG Tour & Rent A Car Sdn Bhd in Indah Permai!!!!! the kenari we had had one headlight that wasn't working. either they didn;'t know or they didn't care so didn't tell us. the air con squeaks and the car was dirty. And I thought it couldn't be worse. we'd just put up with it for a day and then change to the automatic gear one. nope! car wasn't back till 2 days later. when we finally got the other car... ... ... the locks don't close properly. the tank was EMPTY! apparently enough to get us to the nearest petrol station on the reserve tank. and the car was filthy! I was furious by then. I drove the bloody car. felt like it was going to fall apart any minute. the steering wheel squeaks everytime you turn it. we got to Petronas. The fucking petrol door thing didn't work!!!! and nobody bothered to tell us!!!!! so I was fucking fuming by then. I called the stupid bitch that rented the car to us and i complained about the empty tank and the door that wouldn't open and why they didn't tell us! Stupid bitch said ' Aiyoh! just use the key or something lah to open it. easy mah!" and I was livid by then. I put the phone down on her. then we decided to take back the other car. called her to tell her..but no! stupid bitch wouldn't pick the phone up and she even rejected my calls. so I called the office and screamed at whoever picked the phone up and asked for the other car back. stupid man wouldn't fix the headlight!!!! can you believe these people???  Spread the news people!!! Ban this company!

Sigh! what a day! I wish I can do something to close the company down! I can understand about companies wanting to make a profit but this unscrupulous way is NOT the way to do it!!!! Such a disgrace! What kind of image are people like this giving to tourists and people who are in need of rental cars????STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!! 

I curse this stupid company and that people will stop renting from them and they will eventually go bankrupt and shut down!!!!!!

I'm going to stay at my hotel room and keep away from people today. Have had enough of them!

Being Vain

I went to WH Smith to get my The Art of Crochet magazine the other day and guess what I left the shop with??? 


This is a set of Victoria Jackson make up. Apparently the Victoria Jackson line of cosmetics is going to break into the UK market soon. I have never heard of Victoris Jackson so I am not surprised if you have never heard of her either. In fact, I would be surprised if you have.

Anyways, the make up set consisted of (from bottom right) 3 eye liner crayons, 12 mini minty lip glosses, a bronzer with brush, a make up compact and a set of make up brushes.  Oh, and a non-scratch make up bag.  For how much you ask? hehe... £50... I'm not sure if it's a bargain or not... cos I bought 3 kohl eyeliners for £5 from Collection 2000 which is a cheapo brand...heheh you decide.

I also made a flower dog collar for myself.. it looked nice on the website but now I've made it...I'm not sure I'll really wear it...what do you think?

This time next week, I'll be with my family again!!!! Yeah!!!! Can't wait!