More Presents!

It must be my lucky year!

Last year, Audrey had a surprise party for me. This year, she gave me a card and 'ang pow' and bought me a heart pendant with a chain.

Vun bought me 2 slices of cakes from Coffee Bean and this keychain.

Rick and I also had dinner with Gerald and Cheryl. Then we went jalan-jalan at the Pasar Malam.

I'm greedy! Wonder what next year has in store for me... hehe... wonder where I will be next year...

Fantatstic Birthday!!!!

I'm a lucky girl!!!!!

These are flowers for Valentine's from Rick which Audrey helped arranged. Hehe I got flowers!!! hahaha...

My gorgeous old man! heheh... Rick came for my birthday!!! We met in KL and spent the weekend there cos it was also Good Friday and Easter so we both had a few days of holiday so could pull it off. He's wonderful! We stayed at Grand Millenium Hotel and the hotel was so high class..hehe felt like royalty! One afternoon, Rick wanted to go read beside the pool. hehe I had a feeling I was going to be the only Asian there. and True enough, I was!!! apart from the waiters that is... hehe... so funny!

This is my birthday present. Isn't the jade beautiful??? It has only 6 of the 12 animals though cos there weren't enough space for all 12. but it's beautiful!!!

This is my anniversary present. Rick and I have been together for a year now. and he actually remembered!!! Sigh!!! What else can a girl ask for huh? Oh, i couldn't believe Audrey actually got him to get me gold cos he never gets me gold. He wanted to get me flowers at first but Audrey convinced him to get me gold... hehe... I thought she was joking when she told em we were going shopping for gold! haha...