Spring flowering trees

Spring is here! Nothing like gorgeous flowers to cheer one up!

March Madness

Wow!! It's almost end of March already! Time really flies when you're busy and March has been quite a month!

In my last post, I mentioned that I was starting a new curtain course. I have just sent off my first assignment yesterday. Yippee!!!!

I have so far learnt or realised that there are so many kinds of curtain styles and fabric out there. Before this even though I liked fabric, I have never really looked at the curtains. Now, everywhere I go, I look at the windows and I look at the window treatments to see what has been done and how I can change it. I have also found the styles I like and ones that are unusual, etc.

So anyways, for the first assignment, I was supposed to do a customer sample board for a window treatment - style, which room, fabric, etc. this is what I came up up.

I realised that I prefer more dramatic curtains as in the pic above. It has a sheer roman blind and a dress curtain. Dress curtains are just for show rather than practicality. And the fabric I chose for this is just gorgeous!!! One day, when I have my own house, I will make dramatic curtains...for my study maybe....hehe...hubby prefers plain roman blinds...borinnggggg! Hehe

I had another idea drawn and colored but I shall leave that for the next post.... Hehe whenever that may be...

Curtains, anyone???

Diploma in Professional Curtain Making and Soft Furnishing

Boy oh boy!!! Haha...I have enrolled myself in a course to make curtains and cushion covers!!!! Haha...I have been thinking about going back to studying and was looking for things to study or new skills to learn. On the short list were Accounting, silversmithing, interior design, marketing and curtain making. It took me a week to decide on curtain making.

Why? Well, I've always wanted to sew curtains for some reason. Hehe...I mean I've made dresses, cushion covers, even a coat...but I have never had any excuse to make curtains. The way I see it...it isn't hard to sew curtains per se.... The hard bit is calculating how much fabric you need. That is beyond me I think.

But why go for a course when these days, you can DIY everything under the sun? Ahhhh...to me, the challenge is to make DIY look professional. Although handmade is in at the moment, it wouldn't hurt to have something you've made look professional.

We'll see. I'll keep you updated! :-)