Holidays in Australia

flights to Australia This is the link to the website we used.

Rick and I were talking about holidays in Australia the other day and I was surfing the internet for a good website that offers cheap flights to Australia and I found this website DialaAFlight offers Flights to Australia and holiday offers that are really cheap and convenient to book. This website offers Sidney Flights, Melbourne Flights, flights to Gold Coast and other places in Australia, all of which fly from Heathrow. All you hv to do is enter info in the travel search and they will give u the best flights. then all u hv to do is call the number and book ur flight. Rick called them and said they were really friendly and helpful when he asked them all sorts of questions (being the Aussie he is... hehe...) they also give u a choice of hotels to choose from and if u want to hire a car, they help u do that as well. all in a phone call to reserve flights and hotel room for a hassle-free holiday to Australia thru DialAFlight. So all that's left to do is pack our bags and fly!!! I hv never been to Australia so this holiday will be fun. Maybe I can even visit Gold Coast. Lawrence was always telling me I have to go to Gold Coast. hmmm... and maybe even book another flight from Melbourne and visit Aunt Cecelia. hehehe...Thanx to DialAFlight, this holiday will be so so easy to plan unlike all the trouble we went thru for our summer holiday.

New Hobby

I have a new hobby scraping... ppl do it online now with photoshop..but i think nothing beats the old fashioned's very difficult to get ideas from the head down on paper...cos so far nothing i've done even resembles what's in my head... hehehe..but it's a lot of fun... i've always been good at i think this might just be an ideal hobby for me if it weren't so expensive cos u need a hell lot of things...lots of different coloured and textured paper, stickers, sequins, coloured pens, lots of photos that u hv to cut up...and creativity and lots of time... but it's a lot of fun looking at the finished pieces...much more exciting than looking at old fashioned photo albums and as with a lot of hobbies, there's a sense of satisfaction u get out of it when u hv finished a page...

Summer Holiday-Part 4: Paris!!!!

From Innsbruck, we took a 10-hr train ride to Paris... But we stopped in Zurich for abt an hr and a half in the middle of the trip... Zurich is beautiful!! The mountain ranges, the lake...beautiful...In Paris, we wanted to go to Notre Dame but on the day we went there, they were holding the funeral for the Cardinal of Paris...there were so many ppl attending the funeral-both tourists and the French... They had to go through security checks to go into the grounds. We went to the Lourve, again security checks... everywhere we went during the holiday, the Colloseum, Lourve, Museum at the Basilica St Peter... Oh...during the first night in Paris, we found a Chinese restaurant..we had steamboat there!!! hehehh

My darling..

Look at my darling!!! isn't she just the cutest little girl??? I love her to bits!!!! and miss her like crazy!!!! My little Nana..

Isn't this sweet? Rick and Stephanie...

Sun's out

the sun is finally out... and my legs hurt!!!! sigh!!!! i'm not going to be walking so far for a long long time... kasihan my poor legs!!!! I miss all the babies in my life!!! and i'm still wondering how to cook belacan kangkung without suffocating everyone in the apartment building!!!!!

long walk

went for a very very long walk today... including getting lost, we walked for 12 miles!!!! my legs hurt and i hv blisters...

Summer Holiday-Part 3: Innsbruck!!!!

To be honest, before this, I have never heard of Innsbruck!!! It's in Austria... And it's beautiful... on the way there on the train, i felt like I was in The Sound Of Music!!! The mountain ranges are beautiful!!!! Hehehe... and I was very surprised to see sooooooo many Asian tourists in Innsbruck!!! Too bad we couldn't try the chinese food there cos I wanted to know the difference the chinese food is in these European countries... but their local beer is good! There were these signs which I particularly liked... It said 'No Kangaroos in Austria' which unfortunately I forgot to get!!! We took a bus to Stubai to go up the Tyrol mountain...It was freezing and Rick was very brave cos he was wearing shorts...I had my jacket and pashmina shawl in the bag!!! hahha... we walked on ice which was covered with a cloth of some kind so it wasn't that slippery... The cable car ride to the top took 35 mins!!! but then i realised it was 3150m high... shorter than Mt Kinabalu but they had glaciers and ice on the mountain tops even in Summer!!! Austria really is beautiful!!!!

Blow, wind, blow!

I don think the wind has stopped blowing today!!! I made banana cake today and winter melon soup!!! yummy!!! going to freeze it so it will last me for a while... yesterday made seaweed soup... yum!!! hehehe... macamlah I don eat enough...hehehe..well, it's cold so i need more food to keep warm!!! hehehe...

Summer Holiday-Part 2: Venice!!!!

Well, after Rome, we took a train to Venice. There's water everywhere in Venice!!! Instead of taking a normal taxi to the hotel, we took a water bus, which is called the vaporetto, to the Ca'Doro area. The back alley of the hotel is the river... hehhe.. everything is done by boats here, bus, taxi, loading boats... cos no cars are allowed in Venice. They leave their cars and buses at one place where the modern buildings are, then from that point on, there're no roads for cars or buses or lorries. As you can see from the pics, water everywhere... sigh!!! Venice is beautiful but there's not much to see except water and gondolas and tragagtto(which is a gondola that takes you across the river in less than a min but it was scary cos only one person rows the tiny thing and the passengers and conductor(he collects the money- 0.50 Euros) stand. the tragagtto reverses out and when it's in the middle of the river, you can see engine-powered ferries and speedboats coming at you!!!! The thing about being in Venice is that when i stand still, i feel like I'm floating and swaying... Serious!!! Rick says it's all in my imagination!!! Hehe, the seafood there is fantastic!!!!! I had a pasta with scampi which was unforgettable and a seafood soup which was heavenly!!!! KK seafood is still the freshest but in Venice, it was unforgettable because of the taste... Venice is beautiful... but Rome had the best attractions!!! We went to Chinese restaurant...Man!!!! The food was fantastic!!!! we went to one in Rome too but it was horrible!!!

Summer Holiday-Part 1: ROMA!!!!

So the first stop was at The Vatican, The Eternal City... it was like a dream come true!!! Finally I get to see the places I've seen in documentaries on TV... hehe.. we WALKED everywhere!!! and it was soooooo hot!!! I had to get a big hat to protect myself... hehehe... and it was sunblock spf50+ 24 hrs a day there... we went absolutely everywhere... St Peter's Basilica (where the Pope lives when he's there, DEmons and Angels by Dan Brown), Sistine Chapel, Colloseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum ( where the roman emperors used to hve their offices and discussions, like the Roman Puterajaya!), Circus Maximus ( which was soooo disappointing cos i expected more, not just an empty field with a raised mould and a tree!!! so the media does lie!!!), etc.. so many places I can't even remember all their names... the food!!! sigh!!! their grilled veg is absolutely gorgeous. there were so many varieties of cold cut meats, pastas, gelato ice cream ( I ate more ice cream during the 5 days in Rome that I have had in the past 6 months!), the drinking fountain sprouting fresh spring water all over the city, some were ice cold, some warm but all clean drinking water from the original 'pipes'(can't remember the name for it) that the Romans built thousands of yrs ago... and Saint Peter's Church is gorgeous...You wouldn't believe how big or how beautiful it is until you see it for yourself, The Sistine Chapel which houses one of Michaelangelo's most famous painting on the ceiling is amazing!!! The architecture of Rome, the sculptures, art...You should have seen all the pictures we took of Rome!!!! Rome has truly left me speechless... Rome has got to be my most favourite place in the world!!! I know I sound like I'm babbling... I am!!! You have got to be there to experience it!!!

Oriental City

Finally Oriental City!!! Hehehhe... Almost 90% of people in Oriental City are Asians...Hehehe like suddenly I'm back in KK or something... The food court was fantastic!!! Malaysian food, China Chinese food, Vietnamese food, Thai food... Yummy!!!! But too bad it was lunch time and we couldn't get an empty we went upstairs to a Chinese food buffet... hehhe... needless to say, i had too much to eat!!! and for the first time, I had Sugar Cane Pork soup!!! It was very nice... I thought it was just pork with dried veg or something but when i dug around, i saw sugar least i assume it's sugar cane and not bamboo...heheh...yummy!!! and fried sotong, fried chicken wing, sweet and sour pork, lemon chicken, s'pore fried mee hoon, siu mai, har gao, fried pork strip, hot and spicy soup, the sugar cane pork soup, pak choy with garlic, steam fish with plum sauce... a lot kan??? I feel like a glutton!!! hehhe...yummy!!! and the supermarket there... Sigh!!! heaven!!!! bought so many things... most importantly... maggi mee!!!! prawn and chicken flavour and Indo Mee!!! hahhaha... and maggi chilli sauce, a wok, chinese rice bowls, chinese soup spoons, sauce plates, canned longans and lychees, dried veg, kangkung, belacan...hehheh so many things... sigh!! and there was Thai durians... but i didn't dare to get any cos of the smell which i think will suffocate everyone in the apartment building...hehhehe.. i didn't want to get into the local paper about suffocating ppl...and there was jackfruit... hahha... and i think for the first time in Rick's life, he saw mangosteens and longans ... cos it was so difficult to describe what they are... hehhee... well, it'll be at least 3 months before we go to Oriental City again... long long wait... oh, and i couldn't resist buying ham moi but the sweet preserved kind, not the salty ones...hehehe...I'm a happy woman today!!!


Hehehe... thanx to my bro who told me abt the new game he has been playing!!!! I hv spent yesterday and today playing this new game... its sooooo addictive!!!!!.... i hv to stop this... btw, the game i'm playing now is 'Chocolatier'!!!! My eyes and my shoulders are soooo tired!!!!

My Daemon

I was reading Cheryl's blog and saw this... Hehehe..this is sooo coollllll!!! Well, according to this, my Daemon is a snow leopard called Gabriel...NICE!!!!! And I'm supposed to be spontaneous, modest, fickle, proud and assertive. heheh quite right I think. Try not to change me into something not cool ok?

this is Rick's...heheh he's a jackal initially...


Been having a headache the whole day...SIGH!!! what else is new huh, Audrey darling??? hehhe.. well, I have been 'paksa-ed' (sort of) to look for a job... sigh!!! not a very fun thing to do...and i keep getting distracted by something else... and it's not looking very bright but then I have to process of job hunting begins...and the end of my couch potato days!!! just when i am starting to get used to it.... sigh!!!

Audrey sweetie, how come i don get to see u online nowadays?

Window Cleaning

Sun's out today for a change!!! This morning I had a scare by the window cleaners!!! hehe..I was chatting with someone on the internet when suddenly I saw a long pole with a brush on the end and water spraying from the brush at the window!!! Two guys were spraying water and cleaning the windows on the outside... We are staying on the 2nd floor and they were using these really long poles...and just yesterday I was wondering how to clean the outside of the windows without falling out of the windows...hehe I didn't know that's how they clean the outside of windows here. How come we don't hv that at home???

Rainy Day...

It's cold and wet today... and it makes me feel so lazy... I can't get my bum off the sofa to do anything constructive...sigh!!! and of course, my back is giving me a lot of problems now. My leg keeps getting numb and it's very uncomfortable to move...i couldn't even sleep last night cos my leg was numb and it was not a nice was getting scary actually... so all u ppl out there, don ever fall on ur bum and hurt ur spine!!!! it's not fun and it really troublesome at times!!!!

Sussex-Part 4: Beachy Head

Finally the last part of my Sussex this is Beachy Head where, according to James, a lot of people go to commit suicide. When i gathered enough courage to get out of the car, i nearly (seriously!) got blown away cos the wind was sooooo strong. I got back in the car in a hurry!!! and I'm not exaggerating! I steeled myself and braved the cold wind and walked down to the beach which sadly has pebbles instead of sand. and there were people who were surfing in the bloody cold water. The cliffs are white because they are chalk.

See how big the waves were?

We went to the other part of Beachy Head where the lighthouse is...

see how gorgeous the view is?

oh! and i got greeted very enthusiatically by this beautiful dog who came up on me from behind and scared me and the dog insisted on licking my hand when he/she had to say goodbye...hehehe


We are back home now..tired but happy!!!! got locked out of the house cos we had a friend come round to water the plants and he locked both locks and we had to take the set of keys for only one of the locks...hehhe so we had to call a locksmith to unlock the door!!! sigh!!!! well,..will post pics of the holiday when i can get off the sofa after 2 weeks of 6 hours of walking each day....

Greetings from Venice

Hehehe...I love Rome!!!! but its way too hot!!!! the air was soooo dry and so hot!!! took lost of pics..will post them up when i get in Venice!!! Hehehe...water everywhere!!! Innsbruck next on Monday then Paris...Having such a good time!!! But having too much pasta and olive oil and vinegar!!!