Jewellery Class in kk

Since the idea hit me yesterday, I've been racking my head brainstorming about what I need to organize a Jewellery making class in KK in Oct for when I go back. The idea is wonderful I think.

And it gives normal people in KK a chance to try their hand at something. I mean as far as I know, there aren't any Jewellery learning classes in KK. And I only know of one place in KL.

Not to say there aren't any jewellery makers in KK. There are plenty. But nobody or few people actually offer classes. Hehe and me being a teacher who misses teaching, I think this is a fantastic way of satisfying my needs to teach and my love of making things.

So all you KK people who read my blog, please pass the word around. The class is only for Oct. Come and learn how to make an easy set of Jewellery. Or learn to handmade a rosary. If you are interested, leave me a comment here or leave me a message at http://www.facebook/bealeesjewelleryandcraft :-)


I have just downloaded Blogspot on my IPad! Technology is amazing! :-). Maybe now I will blog more often???? Hehe....

Straightened my hair today... Been a while since I had it this straight. The
hubby prefers my hair curled...and now that I am growing out of my curls, I am looking for a new hairstyle. Had my hair curled just before Chinese New Year. It was filthy cheap!!!! Less than RM70 if I remember correctly for my over-shoulder-length hair then!!!! But obviously to get it done that cheaply means they used a very basic perming lotion which is murder for hair ends. I have cut half of my split ends last month when I had my hair colored. So there's the other half head of split ends to get rid of.

If I were to trim the ends, I'd end up with curls at the ends which would look funny. If I straighten it, my face would look like a giant moon cake, not that it doesn't look like one with curly hair anyway. And the hubby likes me with curly hair. I like me with curly hair. But the ends of my hair at the moment just annoys me no end!

I don want to cut it shoulder length cos winter is coming and I want my ears and neck protected! Long hair is great for that! I shall wait till after we move to cut my hair short again.

In the meantime............ I shall wait for inspiration! Or ideas if anyone has any... :-)

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