I thought that I can finally submit all my documents for the visa but no...sigh! apparently I need one more document to get from Rick before I can. More money wasted. I'm so depressed! Rick is depressed! Sigh! This road has never been easy for us. There have always been things standing in our way. So we got married to make things easier for us to be together...but no... things still continue to be difficult for us. And it's always beyond our control...This is so depressing...

My Wallet

Having nothing else better to do on this incredibly hot and stuffy day, i've decided to do what Peng Peng has tagged me to. So here are pictures of both the inside and outside of the wallet i'm using now.

As you can see, this wallet has seen some wear and tear from being used in KK and UK not that i use it everyday in Uk cos it's too small for the English Pound notes. I think I bought this in Signature in Karamunsing. I used to work in Karamunsing and we had to walk through Signature, which is a departmental store, to get back to the office after lunch. It is much nicer to walk through the children's, toiletries, bags and linen sections than the electrical section.

So the brand of the wallet is SMR Ros Maris Collection or something like that I think. It's one of those cheap wallets but it looks and feels like soft leather and it doesn't stink like real leather does. I hate that smell.

Right! Now the inside... What i like about this wallet is it has lots of card slots although these days I stick to the minimal. It's folded 3 ways but normally I open only the flap and take money out from the middle section. The last section is where i 'hide' half my money. My favourite thing in the wallet is Rick and my picture. I love that each time I open the wallet, I see our picture. It puts a smile on my face when i see my old man. And i never buy a wallet if it doesn't have a space for pictures!

Wedding Bells-Part 3

We had a wedding that was traditional with playing the groom and tea ceremony in the morning. Rick and his friends drove the hired van to my mom's house for the groom playing part. I had to wake up at 530 to get my make up done so that it's done before 8am. Rick and his gang were supposed to get to my mom's house by 8am so we can finish the game thing well before 9 and obviously they were right on time. Sylvia, Michele, Cheryl, Alexia and Max were my 'sisters' with Sylvia and Cheryl leading the gang. Rick had Fahim and Bart to help him. James was our official photographer. Hannie, Bart's wife, was good enough to take charge of Rick's camera. Anthea helped James.

What I resent was they were having so much fun outside while I was hot and bored and hungry in the house! They had the Rick shout 'I Love You' in Hakka, write my name in chinese, did push ups(Rick) and sit ups(Fahim), my favourite flower, my height(which Rick never knew cos I refused to tell him! But Bart and I were discussing the depth of the swimming pool at the hotel the day before and I said I could drown in it cos it was 1.5m and I'm shorter than that. I forgot about this conversation! You should see their faces and Sylvia's face when Bart answered!), sang our song which is Can't Take My Eyes Off You(thanx to Bart's lead vocals, Fahim's Rhythm, Rick as back up and practice with the hotel band the night before, they pulled it off! 3 times! haha cos I couldn't hear a thing in the house. Too bad we didn't manage to video it!), ate tarap(which can only be grown in Sabah) and wasabi on oatmeal biscuits. What was funny was the 3 'gwai los' going through it. It was different!

After that, we went to the beach to take pictures. hahah Rick and I were like royalty. We had umbrellas over out heads and our royal subjects trailing us. It was fantastic but it was Sunday and there were people having picnics there. hehe and there we were posing for pictures and having fun under the hot sun. I was so afraid my false eyelashes would fall off. Throughout we had like 5 or 6 cameras taking pictures...hehe... the paparazzi! hehe

Then we went home for the tea and cake cutting ceremony. I wore a red cheongsam. Felt like I was baking in it! The kids were so cute! Annabelle was so serious and Stephanie refused to serve tea to Uncle Rick. The kids were in half the pictures we took, either one of them or both! Besra was also very cute. She had fun playing with Uncle Bart. So cute!

Gorgeous nails!

did my nails at the nails place today. Absolutely loved it! Wish i could do my own nails though...

Wedding Bells-Part 2

Right finally decent internet connection... so the civil ceremony... you wouldn't believe what happened!

we went to the office before 10 am thinking the earlier we get there, the faster we'd finish the ceremony...but noooo... I got my brother and sister to be our witnesses. so we all got there by 930am. my bro planned to go off straight to work after that. we got there, waited for them. they went through our documents again and then told us we had to go all the way to kk and get the form signed by a JP! by then my bro had to go back to work already.

so we had to go to kk and get the things signed and paid and then drive all the way back to the office again. by then we were one witness my poor sister-in-law who was just diagnosed with diabetes had to drive all the way to the office to be our witness. all that waiting and running around took an hour and a half.

now for the best part, when everything was finally done... they made us wait in the room. the room is quite pretty and we had cameras with us so why not take a few pics cos we doubted that we will have time during the ceremony. hehe we were happily snapping pics of us exchanging rings and posing and using their malay wedding chairs(whatever they are called). We were having fun and laughing. We found out later that to use the chairs, you had to pay RM1000!!! lol

Then the woman came in to marry us. I was laughing and the first thing she said was...(drumroll...) 'WHAT'S SO FUNNY HUH?' ... I was shocked!!! so shocked I kept quiet...all the laughter out gone clean out of me... can you imagine being told off on your wedding day??? Bitch! and the ceremony was more like a swearing in ceremony than a wedding ceremony. we had to raise our right hand throughout the whole thing. She shook our hand at the end of goodness!!!! it was like holding a limp fish in your hand...cold nd clammy and limp! ppl should learn how to shake hands properly! that bitch!

ppl are right! Your wedding day is definitely a day to remember!!!

Wedding Bells-Part 1

Most of you would have probably known by now that I am married... lol.. it feels wierd to say it to be honest...not that there is any difference to my life right now..but still saying it makes me blush. Afterall, I have been saying I am single for so many many years and I enjoyed saying it although my mom used to cringe every those were the days...

Since I am very lazy and my internet connection is slower than a snail, I will have to tell the story in parts starting with the eventful 'pre-civil ceremony'.

We had to apply for a special license to get married because Rick couldn't be here for 20 days and he couldn't come twice. The special license is permission to get married within a week of your application. It costs RM100 for the license and RM 20 for the ceremony and another RM 10 for the English marriage certificate which is only everything translated to English...sigh

Ok so at first months before, my mom went to JPN(because Chinese Chambers are not allowed to conduct marriages involving foreigners anymore!) and asked them if we could have the ceremony held on a Sunday at my mom's place and the lady said we could but we had to pay them a fee to get that done. So with a heart full of anticipation, I went to the JPN office to arrange things when I came back to kk, but the guy I talked to there said they don work weekends and so my hopes were dashed. I had to explain to Rick why the civil ceremony and the chinese part had to be on different days. you try explaining things so a 'gwai lo' can understand...sigh!

So Rick got here and we went to the office to get a form(which they wouldn't give you until the groom-to-be is present) and filled it in and had to wait till after lunch to hand it back cos apparently 30 mins is not enough to complete the form and we were sent home. sigh....not a good start...after lunch, we submitted the form. they told us they would call us after the form was signed by their Pengarah within a week.

No calls came after 3 working days so I called them. Took more than half an hour for someone to pick the phone up! Apparently our form was approved 2 days after we submitted the form! I said no one called us and they insisted they did...ya right!!!!! They asked us when we would like to get married and then told us to go the NEXT day to sign the marriage certificates cos it was either the next day or the following week! Sigh! And we were supposed to go to Australia the week after! Why bloody ask you when when you don have choices?!? Can you imagine if I hadn't called them??? We won't even be legally married now!

This is not even the worst part of it! Wait till I am in a calmer mood to tell you about the actual civil ceremony! The next part would be To Hit or Not To Hit!!!!!