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Beautiful Things

Beautiful sunset

Beautiful flowers


I weighed myself recently and lo and behold! I have put on weight!!! lots of weight!!! No wonder my jeans felt rather snug lately... I like to think that my jeans have shrunk but no chance of that!!! And since I am going home soon, I had better lose some of the excess weight before comments about how fat I am now overwhelm me. I draw the line at taking diet pills and I'm too lazy to exercise so the perfect solution is the diet patch! No chemicals, no exercising! Perfect!

Mooncake/Mid-Autumn Festival

Today is Mooncake Festival where the moon is at its fullest(assuming u can see the moon). There are many stories associated with the Mooncake Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival.

One of it is of the lady and hare in the moon. There was a beautiful woman called Chang Er a long time ago who was married to the Great General Hou-Yi, a famed archer. One day, 9 suns appeared in the sky and the emperor commanded Hou-Yi to shoot down 8 of the 9 suns. A Goddess rewarded him with an Immortality Pill for his deed. But his wife apparently stole the pill and was banished to the moon. She met a hare on the moon and built a palace and stayed on the moon. It is said that u can sometimes see her playing with the hare on the moon when the moon is at her brightest and roundest.

A story of the mooncake is during the Mongolian Rule in 1289 AD, the Chinese were treated as slaves in China by the Mongolians. So in 1368 during the August Moon Festival, the Chinese decided to have a revolution. Knowing the Mongolians don't eat mooncake, the Chinese Revolutionists sent messages in the mooncakes telling them to execute the Mongolians after the festival. And the Chinese were told not to eat the mooncakes until the 15th of the 8th Lunar month. So that's why we eat mooncakes on the 15th of the 8th Lunar month now.

The tradition of eating mooncakes while enjoying the bright round moon can also be traced back to the time when the Chinese especially the Han and minority nationalities because they used to hold ceremonies to welcome winter and worship the moon. The yolk in the mooncakes signify the beautiful moon and mooncakes were sent to family and friends to represent wishes of family reunion.

My Sparks

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This is cool. It's a little MySpace widget from Impulse. Stick it on your profile and passers-by can type in their profile name to see how much they spark with you. You can get one for your own page from the rather pretty microsite at It's a bit of a faff - you'll need to register first - but well worth it. No smells though ;-)

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Our Place

I thought some of you might like to see our place.. but the pics i took don really do the place justice though. It looks really small in the pics but it's a bit bigger than that and comfortable.
As you come in thru the door, mirrors!!! fantastic before going out.

The library cum guest room cum laundry drying room cum storeroom. The silly man shipped 90% of what're on the shelves from Australia! As if he's not going to get new ones here. Bottom middle shelf's my books and half of bottom right.

The living room viewed from the library. The window's where I smoke with my head sticking out of it. Right end of the sofa's my corner where my knitting things are. That's my new soft toy, Bicky, which Rick 'kicked out' of the room when he came back from Slovenia yesterday cos she was on his side of the bed. hehehe

The kitchen. On the right where my 'shrine'(pics of my famly, which include Audrey and Besra) is the fridge. cool huh? The electric stove is in the middle. Beside the pics where the cloth is hanging is the oven. The bar top-style table is supposedly the dining table but the Mac is on it. The comfy chair is the Boss' Chair so whoever's show is on gets to sit in it. The blue and black cloth-thingy is the rug I made for the sink area.

The table was supposed to be where i would do my jigsaw puzzle but I can't be bothered to clear it. Bunny ears from the Thames Festival which Rick's landlord, Stuart, bought for me. The pics are of Rick's daugthers and his grandson. I made the 'frame' by the way out of the plastic stuff that came with my shoes and wool left over from my knitting and the flowers which i dried.

My sheep skin rug. It's gorgeous and soft but stinks a bit if u lie down on it. It's very warm on cold days.


The wierdest thing happened to me yesterday on my way home from the shops. 2 ENGLISH ladies stopped me and asked me what language I speak. I said chinese and that's it. One of them started to preach The Word of God to me in Chinese!!! China Chinese I must add... You can't imagine my horror, yes horror, when she asked me to read a verse from her bible.... a chinese bible....sigh! i told her i can't read much chinese so she read it to me!!! sigh!!! she reads chinese better than me... ya...sighs! The embarrassing thing was I'm the chinese but she speaks and reads chinese better than I can... sigh!!!!

Baby Sling

I thought only Asians use baby slings by using a sarong to carry a baby or a small child to keep them by their sides.... apparently not! I was surfing the internet the other day and came across a website for baby slings. These commercial baby slings look and are used exactly like sarong slings but they are made from better and varied fabrics and are a bit stretchy. I bet they are more comfortable than sarongs. and most probably babies feel more comfortable in them too cos they come with padding to cushion the babies, unlike sarongs which are not stretchy and not padded. And these baby slings come in lots of colours too which are more contemporary too compared to sarongs though the colours are not as vibrant. On the other hand, these baby slings also come in different sizes for women, or men, with different body shapes. Like if you have bigger breasts, narrow or wide shoulders, length of your torso and height, you need different baby sling sizes.

A Smile...

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Your Own Cinema

heheh how would u like to have your very own private mini cinema at home in your living room? Can you imagine having big surround speakers, a giant screen, big comfy sofa? how about home theater popcorn machines? I was thinking if I had all these at home, it'd be like heaven!!!! Pop a movie on, turn the popcorn machine on, draw the curtains, sit back and relax! hmmm...maybe we should really get one of those big comfy home theater armchairs, curl up and watch movies...

Truck Accessories

I didn't know that truck toolbox come in so many sizes and colours and material. I thought there was only one size and made of plastic... guess I'm wrong! Not only that, they are come in different shapes with the cover at different places. Amazing!

Thames Festival

We went to the Thames Festival in London along the River Thames yesterday with Rick's friend, Stuart and Michelle, and their friend, Andy. It was fantastic! We met up in a Park and lazed around watching Belly Dancing and listening to music and they were having wine and I had a Coke (cos I didn't want to turn red in public), and gorging on Thai Food and chatting under the sun. It was fantastic! This was the first time I have ever sat in a park and lazed around... There were so many people!!! Then we walked along the Thames looking at the stalls. Everything was for sale! There were food and drinks stalls, jewellery stalls, craft stalls from different European countries, street performers, everything... It was fun. Then we had dinner at a Turkish Restaurant which I didn't quite like. Turkish food is not my thing but it was nice catching up with them cos Michelle is going back to South Africa on Wed and Stuart will be joining her in Oct. And Andy was very nice to talk to as well.
At night, we watched the parade. We had to climb over the railing which was toooooooo high for me to climb over so I made Rick walk further down to to cross it. Poor thing! Then we watched the fireworks. It was fabulous!!! and We picked a spot right opposite of where they let off the fireworks so it was a sight to remember!!!! Stuart bought us girls bunny eyes which lit up and it was funny! The guys kept laughing at us cos if we got lost, all they had to do was look for 2 pairs of bunny ears! hehehe...It was a really fun night! It's amazing Rick can get up and pack for Slovenia this morning! He coudln't stay awake on the way home and we got home only after 12..hehhe


Need batteries for anything? There all kinds of batteries for everything... batteries for your computer, camcorder, Ipod, laptop, car, etc... you name it... I never realised there were soooo many kinds of batteries for everything!

Girl's Best Friend

I was looking through my hoard of jewelry the other day and i was thinking about how much I love jewelry especially jewelry with stones like my diamond rings, my crystal bracelets and necklaces, my earrings, etc. I can't say I know a lot about jewelry but I think because of my love for them, I know enough especially jewelry that are unique in design. Sometimes, I think it's not the price of it that matters but the design of it. Of course, why get something really expensive when u can get the same thing at a lower price???

6th Month Anniversary

It's our 6th month anniversary today... hehhe... I didn't even remember it until he mentioned it on wed...he's just so sweet! (for an old man!)... hahha so Rick took the day off and we went and got this Rabbit for me cos he only intended to get me flowers(men!)... Her name is Bicky... Bought her from Build-A-Bear which lets u choose which soft toy you want and then stuff it for u... and they have all sorts of clothes and shoes and other stuff for you to choose from... then we went and had Dim Sum for lunch... hehheeh... happy!!!!

Cute Animals...

Aren't these cute? They are animal inflatable. They come in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. When inflated, they stand at 17" to 71" high. You can also choose from all sorts of animals. There are penguins, monkeys, dinosaurs, rhinos, crocs, dogs, bats, snakes... all sorts! I think Nana and Stephanie would love to have one each to play with... I think a large dinosaur for Nana, a medium dalmatian for Stephanie and a large leopard for me!!!!


I went shopping with my new friend, Christine, today. Gosh!!! It's been a while since I went shopping...proper shopping... with a woman!!!! It felt gooooooddddd! We tried on clothes, looked at lots of clothes shops like Espirit, Wallis, Next, Debenhams, House of Frasier, Gap... good!!!! But my legs hurt though... heheh and it felt good speaking to her in Cantonese... I love shopping!!!!!!

Kids Bedding

Look at these kids bedding... Aren't they great? Laces and pink bedding for girls and bold colours for boys!!!! How come I never got such nice sheets when I was growing up??? I'm jealous!!! hehheh... But then it's very hard cos my sisters and I used to sleep together and we all like different themes and colours... well, I don suppose i'm too old for these now, do u? If u r looking for cool beddings like these for ur kids, check Warm Biscuits out for cool kids beddings.

Tribute to Friends

I've had a tough life over the past 8 years... Nothing went well at all for me... but I got through everything cos I've been blessed with wonderful friends who hv kept me going through thick and thin and through all the scraps I've been in... I don think ppl in general actually realise how important friends are. Some ppl collect friends like hobbies but hv none they can turn to when in need, some hv very few friends but all trustworthy ppl... I think I am somewhere in the middle... I hv many friends and a few really close ones who are there for me when I need them... These are the ppl who have kept me feeling alive...

First, there's Audrey, who's stuck with me through everything! She's the one who helps me up when I fall and laughs with me when I'm happy. I like to think of her as my soulmate. She even asked me to be the godmother of her daughter. Then there's my Gang from school, Pit Ting, Michele(my sister), Huei Yung and Aw Yong. We still get birthday presents for one another and get together once in a while even after all these years. There's Vince, my party buddy, who's kept me entertained by taking me out for dinners and dancing. There's Kong Hong, who kept me sane when I was teaching in Papar. There's Gerald for all the dinners in KL and for asking his friend to watch over me in UK. There's Peng Peng. We survived many nights back in Bognor by naming all the food we couldn't get. She sent me a game as a surpise the other day. There's also Jo who used to call me once in a while from UK to catch up. There's James who visits me and takes me around. There's LinSun who keeps me up-to-date with gossips about her life.

These are the ppl who are or have been in my life for a long time. Without them, I don think I would have survived all the trials in my life. Well, I would have survived anyway but these ppl helps me get back up quicker. I am truly blessed to have this many great friends in my life. I love you all...

Virtual International Calling Cards

Pingo, if u r thinking of calling abroad, offers cheap international calling cards online. When u sign up, u'll get 5 hours or $5 of free calls. It's a pretty good deal cos u can use this from anywhere to call everywhere and u can get it online, so no need to go out in the rain and get sick like i did. And if u finish ur credit during a phone call, they won't cut u off in the middle of the conversatio either. sign up and enter tis discount coupon 'ppp3' to get another $3 off. So that means, u pay $17 for $25 worth of calls. There're no hidden fees as well unlike some of the other calling cards I've used to call home. My balance got deducted for reasons I'm not even aware of and everytime I checked, my credit was less for no apparent reason! u can get a Pingo prepaid calling card and call me at RM0.26 (3.8p) per min (see rates) to talk to me when I get homesick!!! Pingo also offers business and family deals as well where u can manage international calls for different people under one main account! I wonder if Rick is interested cos he calls home quite often too... Another good service Pingo offers is their refer a friend programme. When a friend signs up, u get paid $5. Hehe..maybe i should get him to sign up under me and get the $5...


I think i must be mad today... For the first time today, I actually don mind Alonso winning instead of Hamilton though I would much much rather Raikonnen won of course!!! I'm a Ferrari supporter!!! And after F1, it was the Rugby World Cup. I thought I'd just watch Samoa do the Haka then turn it off... but nooooo!!! I actually sort of sat through the whole game!!! Not like I totally understand the game....hehhe...I think I'm going mad!!!!

Radar Detectors!!!!!

I came across a very interesting thing in the net... Radar detectors!!! Basically these are things ppl can install in their cars to detect speed cameras. These things are supposed to let you know in advance if there's a speed camera ahead so that you can slow down immediately before your car is caught for speeding. In the US, these things are illegal in only 2 states! In the radar detector reviews website, there are reviews about these things. Helpful website if you want to know more.

My Little Sunshine

Isn't my little sunshine just gorgeous in this picture??? Gosh!!! I miss her like mad!!!!!

Blinds instead of Curtains?

Whenever I come back, I always sneak a peek at the apartment on the ground floor. It's the only apartment that uses Blinds instead of curtains. Well, most homes use curtains and i seldom see any that use Blinds instead. I think it's cool to use Blinds even though they may be a bit more expensive. I think Blinds are easier to clean cos u don hv to take them down and wash them, and they will match the colour coordination cos nowadays they come in all sizes and colours. Hmmm..what do u think? Blinds anyone?

Need ideas? Click Blinds

New Game Console!!!

hahhaa... finally I have a Nintendo DS Lite!!! hehhe.. after being depressed for so many days, I'm good!!! Rick is so nice to get me one... Mine is a black one... looks really cool so I'm playing a game called Puzzle Quest on it. Puzzle Quest is like an RPG game and the challenges are not fighting but playing a game similar to Bejewel... Cool!! My eyes are actually really tired from playing games... but life must go on... and the game must continue... Rick's away this weekend for a stag i can play it all

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I've been in a rather comtemplative mood for days now... My hormones must be running wild inside me... I know that many ppl are envious of my life right now... but i can't help but feel left out by everyone (which is obviously since i'm not there to be included!!!) and i do miss everyone... a lot... i believe that I am homesick! And it's not food that I miss... I miss my family and i miss my friends, I miss my car... I miss my things! I'm happy here with Rick... I'm happy I have time now to do things I've always wanted to but never had time or energy to... I miss my little angel and it's her birthday soon... And she wants to celebrate at school with her friends... her very first birthday party at school... and Litttle Besra... I can't see her first tooth, me being official Godma and all... I think these few years, especially last year, I've grown more attached to my family and friends in KK than I realised... All of a sudden, I feel like I have lost a lot of things and I have left my hoard behind... Not that I am making sense... but i feel like apart from me, everything else in my life is new. I have to start a new hoard now...but I'm fine..and I will be fine when my hormones settle down again... Stability has always and is still eluding me... Best thing now is to have a long drag of my best pal, my Rokok!

btw, my last project... what do u think?

Easy Hotel Reservation

When Rick and I booked our hotels for our Summer Vacation, we went to many websites lookng for the best deals in hotels... believe me...we went to a great many websites before deciding on one. It actually took about 2 weeks to finally plan our holiday. I wish we had found this website back then cos this website would have saved us a lot of bickering and time deciding on which hotel to choose. Hotel Reservationsoffers a whole range of hotels to choose from ranging from 2-star to 5-star hotels to choose from depending on how much you are willing to spend on hotel rooms. They tell you very clearly how much the rooms are and whether breakfast is provided. This i think is important cos on our holiday, we weren't sure if breakfast was provided and we had to ask at every hotel we checked in at. this website also gives you the option of renting a car. You can also book your whole holiday from flights to hotel rooms to renting cars all at the same time. This is because they have a vacation package service which allows you to book everything at the same time and even give you many options to choose fom again depending on how much you want to spend...And the best thing is you plan all of this at home with just a click of the mouse! And if your whole family of sisters and brothers and uncles and aunts want to go, they offer vacation rentals like the whole house, resort chalets, condo apartments, etc to choose from. how cool is that? I was just clicking on Hawaii, who know?? maybe i'm lucky enough to go there one day!! and you can book flights and resort rooms all over Hawaii. If we had known about this website, we would have definitely saved ourselves a lot of time and energy going through all the other websites to book our holiday. And save money too if we had so many discounts available to us back then!!! I definitely recommend you to try out this website. Summer is not over yet!!!

New Postie

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When I first started to blog, I thought I was just going to tell everyone about my new life in UK on my blog(i never thought blogging can make money!) ... I'm enjoying myself heaps being here with Rick and doing things I never had time for like all my new hobbies- blogging, scrapbooking, knitting, etc... amd I enjoy telling everyone what I've been up to on my blog... and then when i was reading Cheryl's(my best friend's wife), I saw this PayPerPost sign and $$$ beckoned me to try it and see if i really can make money out of this... I mean who wouldn't want to get extra money doing something they like, right? far it has been fun... after waiting for 3 agonising months to qualify, I finally do... and now the challenge is to write reviews... this is the fun part... u get to go check out new websites and read about them and then review them... hehehe... the power of reviews... not only earning extra money(heheh though in my case, it's my only source of income!) i think by asking Cheryl more questions about this, it sort of brought us closer as friends and not just as my-husband's-friend or my-best-friend's-wife... bottom line is... i love doing the PayPerPost reviews and i love being a new postie!!! it's a lot of fun.. try it!!!


I sort of ran into an ex-lecturer online today and it brought back old memories of college days... bad ones!!! During the last Teaching Practice, the superviser and I didn't agree on something and i refused to redo my lesson when she gave me the choice to... then later i got a phone call from the head superviser saying that she got a complaint from my superviser that i was rude and refused to obey her... I thought that was underhanded of her! she gave me the choice and i refused and then went behind my back and threatened to fail me and complained about my attitude and lack of respect for her.... bloody bitch! she gave me the choice to make in the first place... I really hate ppl like that who pretend to give u a choice and then threaten u and nip u at the arse for contradicting her... i resented at how she imposed her authority and ideas on me and threatened to fail me cos i opposed her authority openly... why give me the choice in the first place if i must follow what is imposed upon me? well, i suppose some ppl are like that... i don regret my my 'aggressiveness' towards her but i do regret how i went about it... well, i suppose sometimes u do learn from experience... not that i really do... hehehe...