Land For Sale

hehe... If you have $100,000 or RM 400,000 to spend, how would you like to buy a piece of land? Say for recreational or commercial purposes? Would you like to buy a duck hunting marsh maybe? North Carolina land for sale has all these land for you to buy if you need retail therapy when you feel down. There's nothing like spending a bit of money on a piece of land as investment, is there?


I overheard a couple talking about renovating their new house during lunch the other day. They were talking about the bathtub in their new bathroom. That got me thinking... So I went online and looked at plumbing fixtures. It is amazing how many designs there are now on the market. Gone are the boring stainless steel normal faucets that I grew up using. There are so many different designs to choose from now, from sliding handles to pushing ones and even faucets with sensors... amazing!!!

Good night's sleep

Ever cursed your pillow for being too flat? Or too high? Or lost? sleep wedge is a pillow wedge that you put under your pillow or under the sheets so that your head is elevated at the right angle. This can help digestion and breathing problems cos the right angle helps relieve mild heartburn, constricted airways, snoring, etc. With the wedge, there's no need to worry about lost or stolen pillows!

Members only

When one talks about memberships, one usually thinks of health clubs, direct selling of products like cosmetics and such. Did you know that directbuy is a members only showroom for carpets and home furnishing merchandise? This is a website where members can get home furnishing merchandise at manufacturer prices. This means that if directbuy charges membership dues so that consumers can purchase branded merchandise at manufacturer prices. Why spend more when you can spend less, right?


Nowadays, networking cables in the office need not be black and boring anymore...CAT5e has lots of colourful networking cables to choose from... and no longer is the original CAT5E used, the new Category 5 enhanced cables come in colourful red, blue, green, yellow, u name it! The office can now be brightened up and be a more conducive place to work in!

Holiday Resorts

I know I just came back from one week of holidays but already I am craving for another holiday... I just don't hv the mood to work or to really is day has been boring until I saw Branson rentals... now, I spend hours daydreaming about going to one of their resorts... breathtaking views, beautiful decor, relaxing atmosphere...perfect!!!! Time for another holiday! Wish I could afford a holiday there.