Broken Friendship...

Today, I want to talk about friendships...about a friendship that's been broken lately...

It never ceases to amaze me how sometimes friendships are so easily established by stangers or how fragile and easily broken a friendship is.  Some friendships survive distance and time. Some friendships get broken because of other people.  Some friendships have to be kept a secret so as not to annoy your significant other half. 

Some friendships however get broken because of old habits that are impossible to break.  This was what happened to this friendship.

Friendships are supposed to be a balance of give and take.  When all you do is take, the day will come when you have taken too much and there is no more left to take.  When all you do is give, one day you will find that you have nothing to give anymore.  Or worse, you get fed up and not want to give anymore.

But as always, when something involves two people, both sides will have different views of what happened.  Of course, it is hard to accept that you are wrong and the other is right. Especially when you are in the wrong...

I feel that I have given enough in this friendship. Since you have never, did not, still do not  and will not in the future appreciate or value my friendship, then I say this to you : 

I have had enough and I do not want to be friends anymore.
So goodbye!

Jewellery Class in kk

Since the idea hit me yesterday, I've been racking my head brainstorming about what I need to organize a Jewellery making class in KK in Oct for when I go back. The idea is wonderful I think.

And it gives normal people in KK a chance to try their hand at something. I mean as far as I know, there aren't any Jewellery learning classes in KK. And I only know of one place in KL.

Not to say there aren't any jewellery makers in KK. There are plenty. But nobody or few people actually offer classes. Hehe and me being a teacher who misses teaching, I think this is a fantastic way of satisfying my needs to teach and my love of making things.

So all you KK people who read my blog, please pass the word around. The class is only for Oct. Come and learn how to make an easy set of Jewellery. Or learn to handmade a rosary. If you are interested, leave me a comment here or leave me a message at http://www.facebook/bealeesjewelleryandcraft :-)


I have just downloaded Blogspot on my IPad! Technology is amazing! :-). Maybe now I will blog more often???? Hehe....

Straightened my hair today... Been a while since I had it this straight. The
hubby prefers my hair curled...and now that I am growing out of my curls, I am looking for a new hairstyle. Had my hair curled just before Chinese New Year. It was filthy cheap!!!! Less than RM70 if I remember correctly for my over-shoulder-length hair then!!!! But obviously to get it done that cheaply means they used a very basic perming lotion which is murder for hair ends. I have cut half of my split ends last month when I had my hair colored. So there's the other half head of split ends to get rid of.

If I were to trim the ends, I'd end up with curls at the ends which would look funny. If I straighten it, my face would look like a giant moon cake, not that it doesn't look like one with curly hair anyway. And the hubby likes me with curly hair. I like me with curly hair. But the ends of my hair at the moment just annoys me no end!

I don want to cut it shoulder length cos winter is coming and I want my ears and neck protected! Long hair is great for that! I shall wait till after we move to cut my hair short again.

In the meantime............ I shall wait for inspiration! Or ideas if anyone has any... :-)

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I have been wondering why I had been feeling disheartened all day... I was sorting through my beads stash trying to clear my mental block when I realised I have been feeling disheartened since yesterday when I saw a post by a friend on Facebook.  

This is what was posted 'Being a mum makes a woman complete.' 

When I saw this post, a momentary flicker of doubt went through my head. Am I not a complete woman then because I have no children?

Quite quickly though that doubt vanished!!!  :-)   Instead of feeling doubt, the feeling of sadness overcame me. Not because I am not a 'complete' woman but because some women, no matter how modern they think they are, are still caged by the belief that women are not 'complete' until they have gone through all the stages of womanhood : girl, woman, wife, mother and possibly grandmother.

I am very sure that my friend didn't mean any harm by that statement. She probably said that because of the joy she felt at being a mum.  But that statement has disheartened me. Do some of my friends pity me because I am not a mum, that I have not gone through the torture of childbirth, or that no children would call me 'mum'?

Do I feel I'm not 'complete' because I am not a mum? No, I don't.  I don't think I need to go through pregnancy, childbirth, stretchmarks(battlescars!) and being called a mum to feel 'complete'. 

To me, being a complete woman means I enjoy being a woman and am proud of the fact that I am a woman. I can cry and laugh, and whine and wail at whim, be a damsel in distress, wear pretty dress, play with make up, flirt with my eyes, act coy, change light bulbs, complain about being fat and not lose weight, drool at Edward in Twilight, dream of Mr Darcy... I'm a COMPLETE woman. 

This reminds me, I get really annoyed when friends welcome you to the Married Club or to the Mummy's Club.  ???     Some people think it's an upgrade. I think it's rude. When you are single, they ask you when you're going to have a boyfriend.  When you have a boyfriend, they want to know when you're getting married. When you finally find yourself a husband, they pressure you about children.  And when you think you're done because you have children, they now want to know when you're going to be a grandmother!!!  It's a neverending story, guys!  So STOP IT!!!! It's annoying!!!!  

Stop picking on friends who are single, unmarried or childless, people..... All in good time! It will all fall in place. What you want may not be what your friends want. Leave them alone!!!!!


April... I know it's only last month,.. but I have to think back what I did in April... and the only thing that came to mind was Hubby's absence and Visit to Jo's.

So with hubby hardly home in April, I went and visited Jo.  This time, we stayed away from shops..hehe which was a good thing cos everytime I go to her place, we go shopping and I always end up with a new pair of shoes and new clothes. Not that I didn't buy a pair of shoes, I did but the focus of this trip was going places. And because my problem is I am too busy enjoying myself looking at things that I forget to take pics... wakaka...

We went... drove to The Lake District. The silly sat nav took us through an ultra one lane winding and hilly road instead of through the villages for some reason. but it was very pretty!. That part of Uk is gorgeous.  I didn't take a pic cos I would have thrown up all over the car if I did.  But I did take pictures of Windermere when we went on the Boatride. 

Don let the sun deceive you. It was freezing and windy that day. We were frozen half way back despite the fact that we were all bundled up in our coats.

The yachts all docked there.  Only the rich can afford to live by the lake here!

 This is Windermere or what you would see when you are step off the boat.

These are gigantic swan. If you look at the top left of the pic, you'll see a couple on the bench having their lunch. Compare the size of that swan to them!  They were scary.

And here is a pic of Jo and me. My face is soooo ROUND and BIG compared to hers. hehe. You should have seen the other pics... sigh...
 And as is customary, I bought a pair of pumps!!!!(Ya, pumps! Dunno what came over me!) My first pair of pumps! We went to Lytham and walked around the town. It's a pretty and quiet town.  No, I didn't buy this green. I bought a pair of cream-coloured ones in this design.... because they didn't have my size in green... wahahahhaa.... This is my going to Sainsburys-Grocery-Shopping Shoes...which I haven't had much opportunity wearing in the cold. Hubby gave me a look when he saw it. lol...cos this just so isn't me. I had a hard time wearing it too cos it just feels and looks soooo weird. but it's soft and the rubber soles grip the floor well in case I decide to ski across the floor in Sainsburys.

I also made what I thought was a stunning cushion cover... hehe... I took the pattern off one of my magazines.  It was a Mother's Day pattern.  It was fun to make.

and this one is hubby's.

I also finally finished the covers of the other cushions in the lounge. hehe. I promised hubby I'd make cushion covers with this nice chinese brocade meaterial since Reading last year. Hubby chose the fabric from Fabricland when we still lived in Reading.  The porject got disrupted cos I stole half of it for my dress... hehe... and I finally made enough covers when I was in my cushion cover mode. aren't they pretty?

 And my featured piece of jewllery for April is.... this.  Dunno what to name it yet though. What do you think?

And lastly, I love this pic of hubby and me....  :-)

Busy March

This is crazy!!! It's been a while and this time, I had to think about what my password is!!! sigh... Oh well....I have an excuse why I haven't been blogging religiously lately. It's because...... tadaaa.... I forgot I had a blog!!!!! wakakakaka... Nahhhh.... March has been a month of visitors! Oh, and my birthday.

First, beginning of March, when my sister and her friend were still here, we went to Fountain Abbey ( I think it's Fountain Abbey...hubby laughed at me cos I can never get it right. or Abbey Fountain??? whichever!) on a beautiful, albeit cold, March day!

Fountain Abbey was supposed to be one of the biggest and richest abbeys back in the 13th century and was built in the 12th century. They made money feom farming, horse breeding, sheep, mining, quarry, etc.  They sound like a hardworking bunch, don't they? Anyways, this is what is left from the Dissolution of Monasteries in the mid 16th century after whatever was taken to built other buildings. It's pretty impressive.
We also took the girls to Whitby for some fish and chips and sightseeing through the Yorkshire Moors, which I think is gloomy and Hubby thinks it's beautiful. This pic was taken in a rush cos it was soooo cold when we couldn't be bothered putting our coat on and got out of the car. BIG mistake! The photographer was too cold to concentrate. Anyways, what I'm standing on is heather. Heather covers the land for miles and miles. And cos it was late winter, flowers haven't bloomed yet so the landscape looks brown.
Whitby was COLD!!!! The winds... brrrrr.... that'sll all I can say! I didn't bother taking pics cos my hands were too cold to come out of my pockets. The fish and chips were good though.

And then Janet and her family came over from Ireland for a visit. We had loads of fun catching up and we went round town showing them the sights. By then I was pretty good at being a tour guide. hehe...had bits of stories from the horse cart tour round the city with my sister and her friend.

That's Janet(second from left) and her lovely husband, Vincent and daughter, Michelle. Do re mi in the pic and guess who's the shortest? wakakaka...
Then my birthday convo drove down to Reading with hubby and me in one car and Janet and her family in another. That's really sweet of them, wasn't it? It was St Patricks day so they had a long weekend and decided to come to York and then go down to Reading to celebrate my birthday at East West, where I used to work. Bart and Hanie from The Netherlands were there. Fahim and his lovely partner, were there. Of course, Sem, Sandy and Anthonio were there.  My sister and her partner, Gareth, came as well. It was like  a mini reunion...haha...   As usual, I helped out at the restaurant (which I missed doing) and they even had a surprised cake for me!!! As a rule, I hate surprises so it was really nice of them to do that! Bart and Hannie did the balloons. so cute!
Here comes pic of how FAT I am!!! haha... Not a good look but it's ok. It's a pic of the 3 of us. We used to compare lives and gossip when we were all at Reading. I didn't realised how FAT I was till I saw this pic!!! So now, I'm on a major diet! But I blame the camera and phtographer more!
And I had loads of beautiful and much appreciated presents!!!! I loved all of them! Too much? NAH!!! I don't think so. This one is from Hubby dearest. hahaha... I'm spoilt rotten, aren't I? Hubby said 35th is a big birthday so I went for it... hahaha... why waste an excellent excuse for shopping and presents??? haha
 From my sister, a tea set!!!! Love it!

And the rest of my presents.

The handmade wallet is from PengPeng. Peng Peng visited me at the end of March. It was a girly weekend filled with food, hair, nails and fun! heheh We had lots of laughs and there was also a panic moment too cos I lost my bankcard due to 3 rounds of supermarket shopping in one day! We must do it again soon, Peng!

And that's Busy March! Next blog, Creative April...

Not working???

I work from home... although some people would insist that I don't work at all and that I stay home and play all day...hmmm... not to be defensive but I do work. I make jewellery and then sell them. Now, I may not be selling much and it's not (yet!) a multi-billion business. Nonetheless, I do object to people saying I don't work at all. So there! Rant over.

I just realised yesterday that I haven't blogged since November... haha...well, so now I thought I should update my blog a bit. Not that I have many pics to show but still...

December- Visited Rick's family in Oz.
Regardless of what people say, I haven't seen much of Adelaide or Melbourne. Everytime we go back, it's a family visit and with family visits, I see more of their homes and restaurants then sightseeing.
Adelaide- Linda's birthday. wish I took  a pic. I don like lugging Rick's big cam around. Oh well!
                Baby Thomas. ultra cute! He's Rick's niece's baby.

Melbourne- Christmas! had a quiet christmas dinner at home. Then Christmas lunch with Sarah.
                   Sarah's birthday. went out for a meal with Hil's whole family. 
                   oh and before that, went to the Ashes(cricket).  England trashed Australia (shushhhh!)

January...Yeah!!!! KK! went home to KK for the whole month till Chinese New Year.  Babysat as usual!!! But I love it.The kids are sooooooo cute!!!! 

Worked as well.. made loads of jewellery and actually sold some!!! That made me happy! Here are some pics of the things I made.

February- Chinese New Year!!! Gave away some ang pows...hahha..wish I'm on the receiving end though! hehe
Incidentally, I made the dress. Can't fit in it anymore though... hahah I got fat! Looks fat kan??? I blame it on the angle this pic was taken! Made the necklace and earrings to go with the dress as well... hahah that's the best part! I can make my jewellery to go with my dresses!!!

Came back to UK...still freezing! Celebrated our 2nd anniversary at the tapas place. Yum! Note: take pics next time!

Then my sister and her friend came and visited us! So it was shopping and food galore...hahah the week they were here, I put on abt 2 kgs!!!!! Imagine that! Dahlah already fat now fatter! But we had fun! Forgot to get the pics from my sister's cam though! sigh!
Sharrifah and I on the city wall. The wall surrounds York city.

Behind is the Fountain Abbey ruins. very pretty. sunny but cold and windy.

The house is so quiet now with the 2 girls down in London. oh well... So that's all the major events in the past few months!