Second Herbal Course

This is wat my second herbal course looks like and it tastes worse than the first course... first it was twigs, now it's leaves. Second course was actually finished yesterday, so now I'm on my third course.. and I have to say, I am getting better except I felt something snap when I was coughing last night, so now my ribs hurt like mad especially when I cough... and I thought my ribs are finally healing after 2 weeks of constant pain...sigh!!! but I am getting better so apparently chinese herbal medicine does work, albeit slowly...

I'm so lucky Rick is so understanding. The herbs aren't cheap in UK and he hasn't complained about me coughing at night and waking him up more times than once... And he's been doing most of the cooking cos I hurt too much to handle cooking, and slowing down his sprinting to accommodate my snail's crawl when we go out, the cuddles and kiss-betters and all the other little things he does for me... He's really one hell of a man!!!!!

Power Tools

I have always been a fan of power tools like electric drills, electric screwdrivers, etc... And holding one in my hands is simply out of this world. Not only do I get a sense of power, but also for some reason I find power tools sexy!!! I'm hoping to convince Rick to get us some power tools for the house, though for wat reason I dunno so I haven't been successful in convincing him we need them yet. But I will, one day! When I do, this is where we'll go shopping, Ingersoll Rand air tools.


I have always heard stories of how people cleanse thier systems by detoxifying their bodies and how much better and healthier they feel after that. They say one of the reasons why people get tired easily and don feel well is because they have toxins in their bodies. So one of the ways to cleanse the system is to get rid of these toxins in their bodies by detoxifying their bodies. Some people swear by it! colon cleanse anyone?

Home Office

Rick's new office....hehehe.. he works from home now which is really great cos we spend the whole day near each other and everytime I look up, I see him at his computer... he has that serious thinking look that I love when he's working...and when he's thinking, you can pratically hear his brain working!!!! hehhe...The downside is he flies somewhere every week for either a day or a few days. On Monday, for example, he went to Amsterdam. Next weekend, he's flying to Cairo. The week after that, he's off to US for training. And the following to Dubai for a it's sort of I see him 24 hrs a day for days then none at all for days... hehehe..well, I suppose you can't win them all....

this is him walking around during his conference call just now... heheh I've learnt to stay in one place while he's on the phone cos when he's talking on the phone, he has to walk around the whole place... heheh

Van Halen Concert

Anyone fancy going for the Van Halen tour? For all the Van Halen fans out there, this is the time to go wild and go crazy! Van Halen is having their tour right now and what better time to show ur support and enjoy yourself at their action-packed concerts? Let your hair down and rock the night away with your buddies! Worry about sore throats and hangovers the day after! hehehe...

First Herbal Course

Sigh!!! I hv been coughing for a while now and lately it has been worse so I went to Rick's Chinese Traditional doc to see what he thinks... sigh!!!! apparently I'm wheezing because the muscles(I think) at the opening of my lungs are contractign so I get shortness of breathe bad when it gets cold. And I have lots of phelgm in my lungs. So he recommended acupuncture and cupping!!! sigh! so I tried that for the first time in my life in England!!!! Let me tell you... although the needles they use in acupuncture are very fine, it wasn't very nice when he popped it into me..and the worse part was I had to stay very still cos if the muscles where the needles are move, you can feel the needles! It was so hard staying still and Rick was getting annoyed after 15 mins of me trying to goad him into talking to me...heheh..after that was the cupping. cupping is where the doc swipes the inside of a glass jar or cup thingy with burning cotton soaked in alcohol so that the void of the oxygen in the cups sticks to ur skin like a vacuum so u end up with an enormous hickey. It was more than uncomfortable ( despite what Rick says) and I was like in tears cos the cups were heavy and I really didn't like the sucking feeling. Then I had to boil and drink a herbal concoction for 6 days twice a day. and the herbs stink!!! the taste was even moe bitter than it smells! But I'm very proud to say, I finished the first course of herbal concoction. Now, I'm on my second course of herbal concoction.


I have always liked designing and printing my own invitation cards because I think it's more personalised and shows your effort instead of buying a commercial card. However, making your own invitation cards is time-consuming if you don hv all day to design and edit your own cards. There are lots of beautiful and ready-made designs for all occasions like wedding invitations, birthday invitations and so on which I think are slightly more personalised than the ones you get at shops. And they look better too!


i took this on 11 Oct.. Woke to see the world covered in white... Pretty but cold!

Leaves are starting to turn yellow on the tree outside our window and carpeting the ground...

But the red ivy I think is doing very well and looks really pretty fom far!


Anyone who knows me really really well knows that I have many watches... I like to hv watches for different occasions... I have watches in many colours and designs... but one thing people probably don know is I love men's watches! I think that men's watches are classy and sporty and have big faces... I love that! Take a look at Panerai watches.. they are gorgeous! I wish Rick wears watches so I can buy one for him... heheh not that I can afford one though!

Which is better?

I was just thinking... which is better? Which would you prefer your man say? To have him say 'I love you' or 'It's nice to come home to you'?

Present For Bro

Wow! I was wondering wat present to get for my brother for Christmas and this website has given me ideas for gifts for him. I think he would like the Red Brake Disc ashtray!!! It looks really cool! If he had a garage, I would get him a Garage Storage System for his tools which he can put away neatly after playing with them.

Catching up...

Peng came over to visit me when Rick was away in Cambridge. We had lots of fun, shopping, knitting, cooking, gossiping...hehhehe basically just catching up and we had a Scrubs marathon and a CSI marathon...hehhe... We had fried mee hoon for dinner...nice! I think we had so much fun!

We went picture-taking crazy just before Peng went to the train station. took lots of pics... This one's my fav.

I've converted her into being a knitter..hehehe..

We were watching CSI I think and Peng disappeared for a while. I thought she was in the bathroom until I heard 'Sasha! Hi Sasha!' hhahhahaha... she was hiding in the hallway calling to her dog on the phone!!! hahah I just couldn't resist taking this pic! Poor girl, having to hide in the hallway to talk to her boyfriend! Better than girls who are glued to the phone with their boyfriends on Girls Night Out.


I was thinking... since I have to go home soon and will be sharing the room with my sister, I was thinking why not get bunk beds? There will definitely be more space in the room and we won't disturb each other every time we get out of bed or get in the bed. Of course I will take the top bunk cos she likes to jump on the bed and there'll be more privacy too!

To Wales

We attended a wedding in a hotel in Wales. It was such a simple affair. They had the civil wedding at a hotel in St Davids, Wales. Very short ceremony and a nice simple lunch of leek and potato soup, Welsh lamb and 3-chocolate dessert. Here are pics of the bride and groom,

the garden where the guests hang around while the wedding couple disappeared for a while,

a little man in a suit

and a pic of Rick and I. Rick in a tie is a rare occasion! So enjoy!

There is a TOLL after Seven Bridge where people have to pay to get into Wales!!! I was actually so happy! And the toll attendant was so polite!!! I wish I could put up a pic but all the pics of Wales in my camera were erased because Rick's Mac doesn't like my camera! Stupid thing! I had pics of the little town(St Davids is a very small town), and of the seaside and the interesting farm houses and a church we passed, but they re all gone so I'm very annoyed.

Oh and here are 2 pics of the very beautiful and interesting tiles on the hotel room and toilet walls! There are pics of flowers personified in lovely short poems. Downstairs are tiles of the history of the famous people or royal family history of Wales.

Home Shopping

Ever seen things on tv that just scream out at you to buy them? I have!!! In fact, I'm a fan of tv shopping!!! I just love watching them do demos on tv and then think about how much I want those stuff cos I think some of the things they sell on tv are fantastic! Nowadays you can get anything as seen on tv, from jewellery to kitchen ware to toys, electronic things, books, exercise equiment, you name it.