It's Christmas!!!

It's Christmas again... I love Christmas.... I have to admit the fun of Christmas is getting and opening presents and the food!!!! Yummy!!! And this year, Christmas is extra special because not only do I get to spend it with my family, but Rick is coming all the way here to spend some time with me!!! He won't get here till 26 Dec and the poor man has to spend Christmas eve and Christmas Day on the plane and at the airport. But he hasn't even said a word of complaint to me... Wonderful man!

And because Rick bought me my own camera, I took a pic of all the girls and women in my family, except me since I'm holding the camera. This is a rare pic of all 4 generations of women in my family on Thankgiving Day or 'Dong' which is a celebration that is more important than Chinese New Year. Hehe, this reminds me of Amy Tan and her books...

Lifts for TV you are wondering wat a lift for TV's very simple. A tv lift is wat its name suggests, it is a lift or a console to raise and lower your plasma TV into the TV cabinet or from behind closed doors. It fits in very well with today's design of hiding the TV when you are not using it. Though I don understand why anyone would want to hide a plasma TV to be honest.


I was shopping for Christmas the other day and was wondering what I can get for my dad. Then I saw one of these tv stands
and I know my dad would just love to get one of these for our TV at home. They come in gorgeous designs and different sizes according to the size of your TV. Isn't this a wondeful idea for a Christmas present?

Secured Mailbox

How about getting one of these locked mailboxes to keep your mail and packages safe from being stolen or vandalised??? With these new and secure mailboxes, you don't have to worry about going away on holidays cos all your mail will be safe in these mailboxes. Even packages can safe if you get one of these outdoor parcel lockers. No more thefts, no more worry.


Tired of having mail stolen from your mailboxes. Check out these locked ones. They come in stylish designs too as well as keep your mail safe till u inlock it!


Finally, I'm on holiday again. It has been a very taxing 3 weeks coming straight back to work. Now that I am back on holiday, I need to improve my health...hehehe....and my face...Geez!!!! For the past few weeks, I have had rashes and spots on my face and all my body!!! I have no idea could be cos of the heat or toxic in my body or stress... anyways, whatever caused the outbreak, I'm desperate to get rid of them... and Christmas is just round the corner and Rick is coming really soon...and the bloody spots won't go away!!!! How can I still look beautiful with that many spots on my face???? though I still think I am but still!!!! Help!!! Short of sandpapering my face, what can I do????

Faucets and Fixtures

Thinking of moving homes and having beautiful bathroom and kitchen faucets and fixtures instead of dull ones? Kohler sinks come in beautiful finishes and colours which will make your kitchen or bathrooms look like designer kitchen and bathrooms which will be the pride of your homes. Ever admired the beautiful designs of bathrooms in hotels? Or kitchens in showrooms? With Kohler, you can have the same thing in your own homes!

Medical Jewellery

It's amazing wat ppl can come up with, like for example medical id which are jewellery like bracelets, pendants and watches. These medical jewellery can be engraved to warn ppl in case of emergencies. No more ugly medical cards which can be misplaced. Beautiful jewellery in gold or silver with or without stones can be carried and worn everywhere you go. This is being sick in style!


I'm a lover of cats and i really feel sad that most things made for pets are for dogs. Dogs hv beautiful beds and toys which are easily available. But for cats, you hardly find anything special. However, at Cats Heaven, you can get cat furniture like beds, pillows, scratching posts and all sorts of furniture specially designed for cats which are beautiful and modern...hahaha...finally! something for cats!

Work Work Work

Since I have been back, I have been working like mad everyday while dealing with jetlag and everything else and getting my life back... It's good to be home with my family and friends and back at work but on the other hand, dealing with heartache and to be without all the lovey-dovey stuff and to try to get used again to a differnt lifestyle after 6 months and to deal with living with my asthma are all taking a great deal of my's in fact sapping whatever energy I still have left.

After 2 weeks, I got sick and I have to deal with the silly asthma inhaler in the powder form cos I can't get the puff one in KK, it's making my throat so irritated I sound like a bloody toad with sore throat..probably look like one too. I sometimes think I might have chewed off more than I can bite.

And I've been on an emotional roller coaster ride as well, teaching and dealing with living with my family again and dealing with missing Rick... sometimes, I'm not even sure I did the right thing being away for so long cos now I have to fit back in and get my life back in order...

I guess I', tired and I need another holiday away from everything and have time only for myself... hmmm...wonder if I should and could do that...


Have you got too many AV cables that you have to unplug and plug when you need to use another player? Too lazy to walk to the tv and change cables? Here's somethng that might make life easier for u. HDMI splitters will do the job for u if you just plug all the cables into one place. All you have to do it just flick a switch to select the player you need and then sit back and relax!

Car Donations

This is proof that anything can be donated. Car Angel is a non-profit company that accepts car donation
and other things to make videos for teens and kids. This company has made more than 2.4 millions videos for kids. Apart from that, they also raise money to make videos for kids and teens to keep them out of trouble. I think it is really wonderful that there are companies like this out there that try to help kids and teen learn proper things from watching videos instead of letting them watch videos that are not teaching them anything.