Rum and brandy Soaked Dried Fruits!

Dried fruits soaked in rum and cherry brandy...YUM!!!! I opened the lid to take a pic of the fruits and the smell was HEAVENLY!!!!

Yes, it's that time of the year again. Last year I made Christmas cakes and the cakes earned me brownie points with hubby and my friend, Joanne also said it was nice. I brought some home for my family and my mum and sister enjoyed it too and told me to make it again this year.

Here's a pic of my decorated christmas cakes last year. I had so much fun playing with the icing.

So here I am, soaking the fruits in preparation to make them moist and plump. I think the secret to a moist Christmas or any fruit cakes is to plump up the dried fruits first.

Well, I'm using a new recipe this year because I can't remember what I did last year and I can't remember which recipes I mixed and matched from. So this year, I will write it down! I Promise! (at this point, I should write down how much and what dried fruits I used!)

Will let you know how it goes!!!! Fingers crossed!