New Metal Frame Purse

I love my new metal frame purse. The metal frame which came with the magazine I bought was a sew on one so it was quite a nightmare to sew. I nearly broke my needle cos some of the holes were out of shape but here it is in the end, my beautiful new purse. The pics don't do justice to the lovely green daisy gingham fabric or the lemony polka dots though.

Looking at the purse just makes me smile! :-)

Home Furnishing Fever

My beautiful felt cushion covers!!!

I have painstakingly and patiently hand sewn every petal and they are more than 200 petals on each flower. I am so proud of these. I have so many pricks from making these that I don't think I can give all my finger prints at the moment because of the pricks...hehe but are soooo worth it!  I love them!

I found a pattern online that I adapted to use on my cushions because I wanted more petals on mine.