Wedding Dash -Pt 2

It's been a few weeks now and things are starting to calm down a bit...even my excitement, to be honest, and the headache is now reduced to a dull pain and not a throbbing pain...hehe...

The restaurant's been chosen and now in the negotiating stage cos mine is a small wedding and hotels don profit much from me so a lot of things are cut out! and I only just realised that in this age and time, mine is a REALLY small wedding cos for some reason when I say I only have 15 tables(it's been increased!), my friends go "What!?! Only 15???" heheh that's when i realised theirs was 100 and 80 tables respectively and I was shocked!!! I mean most are church friends I understand and relatives but do you actually need to invite that many ppl to your wedding? I mean My 15 tables... my 6 tables are for my close friends and their families and another 6 or 7 for relatives and my parents' close friends. I don want to invite friends I haven't spoken to for years. I mean it;s a special occasion and I want to share it with close friends. and the relatives my parents are inviting are close relatives that I know. hmm... now it's how i pay for the deposit when i'm so far away!

My dress is fantastic! and it's been shortened...hehe...i'm wondering if I should post a pic of me in it cos I took a gorgeous pic the other day when I was bored. I've only got my jewellery to sort out now and my hair to decide what to do. let down or put up, veil or no veil... cos I'm probably only to wear my dress for the ceremony and the first few courses of the dinner then I'm going to change into a loose dress to eat! I don care what ppl say, I'm going to EAT! I've given up on losing weight! it'n not workign and will not work so even if i look bad and have a beer belly(as my brother says), I don care!

I'm making the wedding favour sachets..hehe only about 120 more to make!!! sigh! I think i might have taken on more than I can do..but Can't give up!!! and have Mr Rick laugh at me! Sigh!

I wonder what else I have to organise....