New Jewellery

In my quest to learn a new Craft, I have turned my attention lately to jewellery making.  Nothing complicated or intricate really...just the basics like making bead earrings, bracelets and most recently, pendants. I find myself thinking of new designs everyday now! I love it! I get a sense of satisfaction when I finish a project. This keeps me happy and I am less inclined to pick fights!!! I love jewellery...who doesn't! I figured if i learn to make my own jewellery, I can save a lot by making my own designs or stealing other people's designs, right? Not to mention the fact that I will have new pieces to wear every week...hehe... But compared to knitting and crocheting, this is a considerably more expensive hobby. But that's the only downside now I can think of. oh! Did I mention that I love beads? hehe.. I'm sometimes so involved and occupied with thinking out designs and learning how to work with wire and that amuses hubby! hehe... so here are the pieces that I have learnt to make. They are simple and looks very amateurish but I'm so proud of them cos I made them!

And then I got a bit more confident and made this bracelet which I think looks very elegant.

I also tried making my own earring hooks and circles.

And then a different coloured pendant. Thought it looked quite nice and simple.

A bracelet with the same colour scheme. I added the star shapes cos I wanted to try shaping wire.

He he.. then I tried this cos it looked really gorgeous in the book but it turned out a bit weird but I love it...cos it's green!!! hahahaha..... The beauty of this is the pendant can be worn showing either side. The pics show both sides of the pendant.

What do you guys think? Any orders? hehe...