Dragonboat festival

Today is Dragonboat festival. Every year I look forward to this festival because my grandmother would make rice dumplings for everyone. I only eat the rice dumplings she made and no one else's. hehe... I'm sure for those of you whose mums or grandmothers make rice dumpling,s you'd understand. But my grandmother was in the hospital last year at this time so she couldn't make any. My sister and I made rice dumplings last year hoping that my grandmother could try ours, but she passed away before she could. So now it's up to my sister and to carry on the tradition.My grandmother's recipe is using minced meat and crushed peanuts. She used to add salted egg yolks and 'sau nyuk' but we don add that cos of my dad's health-low salt diet. We started preparing the ingredients and soaking the rice since last sat. We wrapped it on sun. We wrapped rice dumplings the whole day, as you can see from the pic. We didn't use the dining table cos it was cooler and had more space outside. My grandmother used to do that too.Broke our backs making the rice dumplings but it was fantastic seeing my family eat them. Ours isn't as nice as my grandmother's but we are carrying on the tradition.

Baby Lanner

Audrey's baby, Lanner. so cute. Slept like a log...heheh was trying to disturb him so he'd wake up and play...but guess not...

Glad we went to the party and play with the babies. Rick loved Langkah Syabas. They had an orangutan there and hubby immediately said the scientists in Sabah should sequence the dna of the orangutan cos it hasn't been done yet...sigh!

The day was however marred by the fact that hubby had to leave the next day...put up a brave face till evening... couldn't bear it then but was glad we went.

Instant family

My little instant family!!!!

We went to Mesilau with my family and friends. Cool air finally! The heat was finally getting to Rick after sitting outside at my mom's porch for 3 days! haha....

Mother's Day

Rick and I met in KL for a fantastic week although it was a working week for him. We had to sit at a place with wifi for half the day while he worked so I got fat being bored and eating and drinking non-stop! But it was worth it!!! Then I had my haircut. I was trying to decide between two short styles. He said to choose the one that would shock him more so I did...

After a week in KL with hubby, we came back to KK to spend Mother's Day with my mom...it was very good of Rick to do so cos he asked for a week off to spend more time together with me.

Dinner was at Nelayan. As you can see...crabs, prawns, sabah veg...yummy!
entertainment of local dances...fantastic night!
But I couldn't sit beside hubby cos the kids both wanted him!!!

Latest hairstyle

Ready for a change... So why not a major one?!? Lol ... Don't think my hair can go any shorter! I much prefer this to the previous style. Lol Rick isn't sure whether he prefers me with long or short hair now? Lol and he likes this style more than i do!

Did i see right?

Let's see... Bright yellow rubber boots, curly mop of hair, big mole on face, stripe shirt, trousers tucked into boots... Hmmm... Phua Chu Kang right? That's what i thought...

Rick and i were waiting for the lift up in the hotel. As we were entering the lift, from the reflections on the mirror, i thought i saw yellow boots but it was hard to tell cos the lift area was dimly lit at best. So we went in and the moment i looked up after doing the key access thing for our floor, i saw a man dressed up like Phua Chu Kang. Well, i first saw the boots, then trousers, then shirt, then the mole and then the hair. I mean who in their right mind would dress like that,right? I tried hard not to stare... Not the boots but at the mole and the hair! LOL it's only a character from tv I know but the only thing that crossed my mind then was how utterly disgusting Phua Chu Kang was! And I didn't expect him to be that tall either.

It was only after we got back in the room and explained to Rick who he was that I should have asked for an autograph or a pic! But I was too busy being disgusted and trying to figure out why he looked familiar. Oh well!


Finally after 2 months of separation, we are reunited for a week... it's not very long but one can't complain too much when one is happy...

the past 2 months have been horrible... apart from missing Rick and the stress of getting the visa done, the one other thing that has stressed me out tremendously is a lot of my friends in kk have somehow ostracised me because I am now married! They do not want to disturb me anymore because 1: I'm married, 2: I have my own family now....

What rubbish excuses!!!!! yes, I'm married now...so? does that mean that I have changed? Rick's not even here now....why hasn't it crossed their minds that I need friends more than ever now to help me get through the stress of everything instead of 'nt wanting to disturb me because I am married now!' Does it mean that I have to look for married friends instead now? what rubbish!!!!!!

I'm glad that some friends are still friends unlike so many of them... this sort of mentality has to change!!!! idiots!

anyways, Rick is here with me for a week...so all is well now......and I'm so happy!!!!