Shawl-part 2

yeah!!!!! finished my brooch!!!! hahaha.

hahaha I'm soooo happy!


Finally I've finished my shawl... I started this project beginning of June. HUbby and I were out for lunch one day. The sun was shining but the wind was chilly. I had a cardi with me but when I had it on, I was too warm, If I didn't put it on, my arms were feeling the chill of the wind... so Hubby and I were discussing it... hehe... he said I needed a shawl and suggested I made one... I was so impressed with him that day.... heheh.. I loved shawls...old fashioned shawls with tassels... haha and so I made one... Here it is... I love the colour and the size of this!!! hahaha.. now all i need is make a brooch to go with it!!!


hahaha how cute is this???
haha..... I decided to take  a break from jewellery making today and try out the elephant project for my friend in KK.  To be honest, in the beginning and speaking from experience, instructions on the website this project is on is not very well written. More often than not, it doesn't come out looking like the picture.  But the elephant came out better than I thought it would. And as can be seen from the right ear, I had to improvise and fix the other ear so one looks nice and the other looks like it doesn't fit. Oh well!!! But it is cute!

I made this out of scrap yarn I had in my stash and I ran out of the light blue yarn and had to sambung with the brighter blue to finish the trunk... although I could hv just stopped when  I ran out of the light blue...hmmm cos It's a bit too long actually.  I stuffed it with tissue, aloe vera fragranced tissue, mind you! heheh cos I had no stuffing and didn't want to go and get some. 

All in all, not a bad effort I think!


Not sure if you remember my little vegetable plot from months ago... well, here's an update on my plants... hehe...

My tomatoes...hahah... I have learnt my lesson. Don't sow to  many seeds if you have nowhere to plant them and get BIG pots to plant them and prepare support for them. They can grow quite tall...almost taller than me my plants!  They are sooo easy to grow and mine survived the bloody aphids and flies!!!! yeah yeah... hopefully they will survive the drought next week when we are away....  I'm eyeing my harvest!!!!

My marmande tomatoes..

These ones are the Golden Sunrise I think...

Next my salad leaves..... this is my second try. and luckily I did managed to eat some but they are tiny because again, don sow too many seeds and thin them out when they start growing! I tak sampai hati want to thin them out ba so that's why they are tiny...but they are sweet!

hehe... i don't think you can see in this next pic... but I have a grand total of..... TWO peas ...hahaha one for hubby and one for me.... must try again next year! see if you can find them! haha

And these here are blackberries... hahaha... not planted by me but enjoyed by me...except they are sooooo sour!!!!!!

My garlic harvest....leftover from the attack of the evil squirrel. stupid thing keeps digging up my garlic and planting its nuts!!! Oh well, enough for one dish! Lesson learnt : use lots of cayenne pepper powder to keep squirrel away!!!!

There you go...heheh... not much but I'm so proud of myself... will do better next year!

New Vintage

What do you think of my new vintage top???

What era does it remind you of? 60s? 70s? 80s?  Check out the puffy sleeves!!!
 I really liked the look of it until I put it on...cos I'm FAT now... although I'm not surprised cos I've been a domestic goddess for a while now feeding the husband ... and myself... and sitting all the time!!! But like I said... ignore the bulging tummy....

hahha...well, here a better look of the top without my short neck!

I bought a flower hairclip the other. It can be doubled up as a brooch too so I added it to the ensemble, otherwise it would be rather plain.


You ready????

This is the latest project, which incidentally had been going on for months, is made by........ Yours Truly's lovely hands!!!!!! hahah Yup, I knitted it according to the measurements in The Knitted Gifts Collection by Knits Magazine... hahha ... This is called Bee Stylish Honey.... hahah...I was dying to try out this project cos it looked really nice in the book. But because the project called for Mohair yarn which is expensive, I didn't want to spend that kind of money on something that might not turn out so I used cotten yarn instead. Was going to make a shrug last winter but changed my mind. It took me months because cos when I started this, my hand hurt , I got distracted by other projects and I used the wrong needles and had to rip one of the sleeves out,etc. It would be faster if I crochetted it but I couldn't crochet back then.

I'm supposed to add a waist tie with poms poms to it but I ran out of steam yesterday. Putting the whole thing together took me the whole afternoon cos I was distracted by Pride and Prejudice and sewing the top up and hiding all the yarn ends....NO fun! but it turned out better than I thought it would although there were bulges here and there! hahah I'm so proud of it. Not that it is good enough to wear out in public but stilllllll..... 


My one and only knitted top, mind you. Definitely will leave projects of this level to experts!