Christmas 2009

Well, the days leading up to Christmas have been hell...I was working more than 10 hours a day and I got flu right before was not fun. I had no time to go shopping for christmas presents, Rick had to wrap his own presents...sigh...

but the good thing that has come out of it was the snowstorm before was so bad and sudden that the roads leading in and out of Reading were shut, and buses and taxis were stopped. People were snowed in and out of Reading. There were a lot of unhappy people that day. The worse part of when the snow started melting and it started raining. Urgh!!!!

Us coming home after he picked me up from work.

When we woke up, the car was snowed over. Our car is dark blue... hehe...

My poor flowers after i so painstakingly revived them before winter...sigh

Everything looks beautiful covered in snow, doesn't it?

We had Christmas dinner with Phil and Sati and their family. We had turkey and roast vegetables. Yummy!!!! And of course I had the job of babysitting Mili, their 5 yr old girl. this is the result of one of our games. Phil bought a set of Tattoo Glitter Pens from Boston and she used them on me...sigh...

Like my eye lashes? lol

The Rose

Just saw Bette Miller perform this song on Strictly Come Dancing. Love the song, love the lyrics! Love the Argentine Tango performed by Vincent and Flavia and love the Rumba performed by James and Ola!

 The Rose

Some say love, it is a river
that drowns the tender reed.
Some say love, it is a razor
that leaves your soul to bleed.
Some say love, it is a hunger,
an endless aching need.
I say love, it is a flower,
and you it's only seed.

It's the heart, afraid of breaking,
that never learns to dance.
It's the dream, afraid of waking,
that never takes a chance.

It's the one who won't be taken,
who cannot seem to give.
And the soul, afraid of dying,
that never learns to live.

When the night has been too lonely,
and the road has been too long,
And you think that love is only
for the lucky and the strong,

Just remember in the winter
far beneath the bitter snow,
Lies a seed, that with the sun's love,
in the spring becomes a rose

Amanda McBroom


Dedication to Hobbies

Was on holiday the past 2 days...proper holiday and not being sick, I went on a hobby rampage...hehe.. Hubby's away in US so I had the whole day to myself doing things I love... It was such a rare treat!

So I decided to treat myself to an afternoon of doing nothing but my hobbies. First I tried 3D nail art. I bought 2 sets of UV nail gels and acrylic powder things for manicures and a UV lamp to cure my nails 2 years ago. Finally, I took them out of their boxes and tried them out. Hubby and I had a conversation about the things I can do the other day. I can do just about everything but I get bored after I learn how to do them sort of like 'a jack of all trade but master of none' that's what I am. And he is one of those who learns a skill and then masters it. I said I get bored of it after I learn how to do it so I never master anything. Anyways, with that thought in mind, I decided to try my hand at 3D nail art since I can do manicures reasonably well. With the kitchen door open and chilly wind coming in to disperse the smell of the acrylic powder, this is the result.

Not wanting to try it on my nails after my manicure, I tried it on one of my nail polish bottles. First, it's sculpting the flower and leaves then when that hardened under my UV lamp, I put gel colour on it. And because I got the UV lamp off was cheap, only about 50% of the gel hardened. sigh! no idea how I'm going to use that bottle of nail polish without getting sticky gel on my fingers from now on. Good thing I have 2 bottles of that colour! lol

So with my creative gear kicking in, next was drawing and painting.  Again, I have this art set from 2 years ago.
I envy people who can draw and paint! And encouraged by websites claiming it's a learned skill, I looked for flowers to copy. I wanted to do roses but that was beyond me after I saw the pics on the website. So I chose easy tulips to draw...hehe...

On the right is my attempt using colour pencils. The left is water colours.  I'm actually quite proud of my water colour attempt...hehe..I thought the colour tone is quite good...hehe... here's a close up.

I think I'm going to look back at this years from now and think I'm so glad to have tried that and to keep that painting online. I don't think I'll do another one soon. All my creative juices have run out! lol...

Bits and Pieces

Having nothing new to blog about, I have decided to blog about my new ways to keep warm in this house. It is a bit cold in the house...Peng described it as the North Pole...cos this is an old house and it doesn't have double glazed windows or doors to keep us warm and the radiator havsa  mind of its own and we haven't figured out how to work it properly yet... hehe...soooo to keep warm, I bought myself a pair of house uggs from Primark at a whooping £5...hehe... they are really nice and warm and fluffy! the colour looks gorgeous too! Although I look like I have Yeti feet! Oh, and I made a idea why since I don even wear hats cos they make my already big head look even bigger! hehe...It was fun while it lasted though...

I haven't been feeling very well lately cos of my stomach..sigh.. that put me in a really really bad mood for days...and so when I finally started feeling better, I had a manicure done on myself...I haven't done my nails since I started a result my hands look really horrible and peeling and my cuticles are my eyes anyway... it's amazing how a manicure can improve  a person's mood! In fact, i am so ambitious now, I'm going to try out acrylic nail art soon... hehe will post pics when I finally get round to it!

It doesn't look much but it is  definitely much better looking than before. Must make a resolution to do my nails at least once a month!  Am now waiting for my pack of 12 nail brushes to arrive! Can't wait!

Romeo x Juliet Anime

I love Romeo and Juliet. I love reading the play and watching the 1968 movie version of the play. I thought the 1968 version captured the mood of the play really well...but now I have changed my mind. I recently found this Japanese anime version of Romeo and Juliet and this is now my favourite. I watched it and sat through episodes of it that left me in tears and I am not one to admit I cry at movies. I haven't been this moved by a movie since Ciy of Angels and Titanic and I have watched both many many times and have not yet managed to stop crying whenever I watch either of these 2 movies. If you have time, watch it if you can stand japanese anime. you won't be wasting your time watching this. This is an interesting and different translation of the classic Romeo and Juliet story but it sticks to the theme of the tragic love story very very well. It is also quite funny when names from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet comes up in different chracters and ways...hehe... I still can't believe I am this moved and this touched by a Japanese anime!!! Watch it if you will- Romeo X Juliet. Oh! turn off the silly chat  box though. You get some pretty silly chat going on and it's annoying and distracting!

Special Education

hmmm.. being the dragon lady I am, most people probably don't know that one of my areas of interest is in Special Education. I don't have patience with people in most of you probably already know...but I have a soft spot for kids with learning disabilities. And if I were ever going to study again, I'd probably do something in special education....

anyways, what I want to say is, I'm happy because apparently in Sabah, there is a bigger awareness of the need to cater to students and people with disablilties! 1Borneo Hypermall is equipped to cater to patrons with diabalitiles, Karamunsing is starting to, and there are a number of school across Sabah that are supposed to have Special Education classes. I think that is really great! It's a start!

I am very happy about this. Special Education and students with learning disabilites are probably still very much a taboo for many families to talk about in public. And this is because students with learning disabilities are very much misunderstood. And there is very limited support for parents who have children with learning disabilities.

BUT this is going to change! I am not an optimistic person but I know that this is going to change in Sabah! haha...assuming more teachers are trained to deal with students with disabilities...hmm...maybe I should win the lottery and build such a centre! hmm...

hmmm... just out of curiosity, how many of you think I didn't write this post???

So Cute

So when Peng came over to visit me, she wanted to knit something for the baby of one of her friends and so I tried out the pattern for a baby bootie. So here it is...isn't it cute? It was kind of fun to make too cos it's sooo cute!!! This is a knitted one.

Right and here is the crochet one. It's a difffernt pattern and not as cute as the knittted one, kan? but stilllll,it's sooooo cute!


Yeah!!! I can leave comments again!!!!!

The problem, according to Google, was because of Firefox. Some people had the same problem all of a sudden after their Firefox was updated.  Apparently Firefox does something to your settings after each update, so that's why I had that problem suddenly. update or not to update next time???


hmm... I wonder what the problem is.... I can't leave comments on anyone's blog!!! Been trying for days!!!..

sob! sob! It has come to a point where I feel so left out cos I can't take part in commenting about anyone's blog. Just when I feel sociable and want to say something about what's been happening in my friends' lives, this happens...sob sob... somebody figure out what's happening and tell me!

so depressing! sigh! Arghhh!!!!

This is ridiculous!!!! I can't even comment on my own blog!!!!! arrrggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!


I'm wondering how to start this blog...hmmm... ok! So Peng came over on Tuesday and went home the next day. Right...What did we do? hehehe... We knitted and crocheted. When we weren't knitting or crocheting, we were eating and gossiping. And this pic was taken at a sushi shop called Sushi OneOEight.

I must say it's been a while since I sat down and knitted almost the whole day. It was very nice too catching up with each other face to face. There's something about sitting down and chatting to a friend. It brings up the feeling of kinship.

The internet is good because it connects one to one's friends no matter where one is. But I think when you sit down and talk to someone face to face, it allows you to see facial expressions and hear the little oohs and ahhs that come natural with a proper conversation between people. Obviously, you can do the same by typing all the ohhs and ahhs you want to say...but it just isn't the same. Smileys can't replace facial expressions either cos they are soooo limited....

Anyways, back to what I was saying... was very enjoyable chatting to a friend and not having to be careful of what you say and gossiping!!!... Not that we gossiped about anyone a lot, Peng hor? heheh well, you know what I mean! I miss sitting down and chatting to girlfriends and go yumcha and all that! sigh!!!

Ok! Who wants to visit me next? Or shall I come visit?

Our New Place - Part 3

OK...Sorry to do this in bits, guys but it get very cold sitting down at one spot for too long in this house so here are pics of the bathroom... The bathroom was the first room we saw when we first viewed this place and we both fell in love with it... You will soon see why...

See how big the bathroom is??? hehe... it's bigger than the guestroom at our old place... If you take the tub away, you can fit in a double bed and still have space for a built-in wardrobe!!! I love the bathroom! On the left is the shower cubicle. The previous tenants told us that the bathroom used to be fully carpeted and they pushed the landlord to removed half of the carpet. I can see why some people would want to carpet the bathroom to keep the heat in but a carpeted bathroom is ridiculous! sigh! Look at the size of the window. the draft keeps coming in... but it also lets the light in which we love.

This is what we love! hehe... our clawed bath... hehe it's not very pretty to be honest but I find it amusing... hehe .. I suppose whoever bought this bath wanted something vintage but cheap to fit in with the period of the house I suppose. I love the fact that it's a standalone bath or whatever you call it instead of the modern built in baths. Gives it a nice vintage posh feel I think... hehe...and this bath is not suitable for tall people...haha...if I lie down in the bath, my toes cam just touch the other end of the bath! hehe

And this is our bedroom. There's another fireplace feature in the room, but again I'm not sure if it's a working one or not cos it also has a flue flap. And we forgot to ask the owner when he came to see us.
Isn't the window amazing? I love the big windows that let in a lot of light...and draft... but the front of the place is a listed building cos it was built in 1805 so the window can't be changed...and I suppose restoring it would cost a lot of money and is time consuming...It's one of those half and half that you push up to open it. Oh well, I suppose living in an old building has lots of ups and downs.. great features but costly to maintain... our electric bill will probably skyrocket due to trying to heat the place up...sigh...

I have taken a pic of the front of the place but I'm still waiting for hubby to email it to me... sigh...

Our New Place - Part 2

Here are more pics of our place. This is a pic of the kitchen. Looks nice or what?!? It even has a gas stove! Unlike the silly electric stove at the old place that I don't like. You can see that it gets sunny when the sun is out. Peng, note the piggy basket on the left. Thanx for sending me that! Audrey, isn't it amusing it has got green tiles??? lol

And going out the back door to the garden, this is what you see. I love the wooden deck although it rained last couple of days and we both nearly slipped on the deck when we went out cos there was moss growing on the deck. The potted plants are ours. Just beyond the deck are stones.
And to the right of the garden or backyard, is this biggish space. I've been thinking of what to plant beside the fence... We have a squirrel that comes looking for food in the garden in the mornings. See that tree by the back fence? That's where he hides his food on the ground sometimes. Beyond the back fence is unused space cos the neighbours couldn't get a building grant to build something so we have lots of birds in the mornings when it's not cold.
Best part of the day is when it's sunny and I have breakfast at the kitchen with the birds chirping outside and watching the squirrel go about his business in the garden. If only I were a woman of leisure again... so i could spend more time in the house. But on second thought, maybe not...cos it's cold in the house. we are both usually freezing by evening cos of the high ceiling and the draft from the doors.

Oh and we met the owner of the place yesterday. He said the house was built in 1805 and that's 204 years ago!!! It's an old Georgian Mansion. There's a basement, 2 floors and an attic. The son bought this floor first, then the owner bought the basement and the daughter the first floor over the years. Now they are waiting for the attic to come on the market! sigh!

Our New Place

After 4 days of hard physical labour carrying things, (at least it's going down the stairs instead of up the stairs!) to the car to the new place, a week of unpacking and looking for things and losing things , (you know how that is, when you put something at a new place and you can't find it again!) and spraining my wrist on the third day of moving rendering my right hand useless, we have settled down in our new place. Our new place is fantastic. It's big and spacious with lots of storage places, a proper kitchen and a back garden. Our broadband and Sky are finally working so here are some pics of our new place. hmm... I must remember to take a pic of the place outside.

My hand in the wrist support... sigh!

Our Living Room with the light shining through the double doors. Doesn't it look nice and bright? This is an old mansion so the ceiling is high and the windows and doors hasveno double glazing so we are cold all the time but doesn't the place look fantastic? The fireplace looks classy and we don't think it's a working fireplace although there is a an opening to a flue.
I'll put up more pics soon of our place. Night Night now!

Black Forest Gateau Wannabe

was in such a cake baking mood the other day that I absolutely had to bake a cake... I made Rick walk to Sainbury's with me...although it takes only 3 mins to get to Sainbury' 5pm and made my cake the moment we came home...Sigh... silly recipe has the measurements wrong I think cos it didn't come out resembling any kind of cake I know BUT after the cake was put together with the cream, it was DELICIOUS or DELISH as some would say...hehe I love the cream. If you ignore what looks like a chocolate cake, you will see that the filling is sort of berry-coloured? it's yummy!!! double cream whipped and then canned black berries and cherry brandy were added. we couldn't find kirsch so we used cherry brandy and I must confess that I have since developed a taste for cherry brandy! haha
It didn't come out looking like what it was supposed to look like but it tasted like a Black Forest Cake. Now I must go look for a recipe for Black Forest Gateau that works...if you have a recipe that works, send it to me pls!

My Sister's Wedding

My sister, Michele had her wedding reception on 9 September 2009 or Tawau. My family flew over for her wedding but obviously I couldn't go...sigh!!! I have always been jealous of Michele because she is very pretty and gentle..not that I want to be gentle... hehehe... Anyways, here are some pics of my beautiful sister at her wedding. Isn't she just beautiful?


Stupid bureaucracy! Been trying to get my UK national insurance number for weeks now! First they gave me the wrong number to call so I had to spend another 30 mins on the phone. Then I was told to download a form, fill that in and wait for 8-10 weeks for the card cos they won't tell me my number over the phone... Then the silly printer wouldn't print cos the ink spool or whatever you call it doesn't fit right so been waiting for hubby to get new ink so I can print the bloody form out. Now that I have printed it out, it says on the form that I can call the number and ask for my national insurance number over the phone. So I did. Then the stupid man on the phone says I have to download another form and send that off. So I went online to look for that and it doesn't even exist!!!!! Sigh! At this rate, you'll never get anything done!!!! I can understand why there's so much bureaucracy to protect the govt or company or whatever...but it is ridicuolous when it doesn't work!

We called a moving company to help move our furniture and we were told we have to call the council so that the movers will not be issued a ticket for parking by the road cos it's a double yellow line road. So Rick called the council and told them and he was put on hold for 20 mins so the woman could find out what to do about the movers parking outside cos she didn't knowwhat to do! Then Rick had to call the movers again to tell them it's ok to park by the road cos they are moving stuff. Sigh!

The owners of the restaurant I work at had to wait 2 weeks for the draught beer ppl to come and fit the draught taps or whatever they are called. One trip to install the taps. Second trip a week later to bring in the gas by another company. Then a third trip by yet another company to bring in the beer barrels. And finally a few days later after a phone call, a man to set up the gas and beer tubes to the tap and make sure the tempearture is cold enough.

Don even get me started on other things that can be easily done at one go but nooooo.... it has to be done by different departments and by different ppl. sigh!

Anyways, we are getting our keys to the new place on Sat...heheh.. I'm a bit excited for 2 reasons. One is because we are going to a new place with a small garden although I have no idea how much time I have for the garden because I work now and it's starting to turn cold It's the September Equinox today if I'm right.

Second reason is this is the first home Rick and I have decided on together since we got married. I giggle when I think of it this way! Me giggle! sigh! I have no idea what this man has done to me!!!! haha but I'm happy! hehe


hmmm... I'm wondering why I have nothing to say on my blog recently??? It's not like I haven't anything interesting to say... but why am I not telling on my blog??? hmmm... ... I must be more tired than I think I am... and I seem to have entered my recluse mode lately... sigh!!! argh!! I need a pick-me-up spell or potion!!!!

My Little Girls...

My little girls... I miss them soooo much!
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Happening Nothings...

Starting from this week, I'll be doing the dinner runs cos the boss' son will be going back to school this week so someone has to stay at night and do the night duties, washing the toilets and hoovering... Good though in a way cos I get the whole day at home and start work at 530 pm...

We are still busy looking for a place to move to. Bloody landlord hasn't been paying his loan for months and the bank now has applied for a warrant of eviction so we have roughly a month to move. The worse part about this is he is Rick's friend but in this case it doesn't stand for much! cos there was no apology or anything! He won't even pick up Rick's calls or answer his emails... sigh

We spent weekend before last at Swindon. We had dinner with Fahim in Lechlade or something by the river and I thought the sunset was nice.

I'm so tired... Rick and I are both tired... sigh...

Thought I'll throw in a pic of the restaurant as well while I'm at it. Can you see why my legs have not stopped aching since I started work here? It's very big inside. It's at least 75 m to the kitchen door. And I'm serious... My legs and fingers have not stopped aching since I started work here 3 weeks ago!

Correct Time

Hmmm... on wednesday, the clock went mad. It was 40 mins faster. Yesterday, when we woke up, we thought the clock was still wrong cos neither hubby nor I could be bothered to change it so we didn't get up. But when the alarm on my phone went off, I checked the time on my phone and compared it to the time on the clock.... It was the SAME!!! How weird is that?!?


Gosh!!! It was so weird this morning... Rick and I thought we had slept in a bit too late this morning cos it was 10am when we woke up. So he got up and got ready to face the world minus having a shower cos he was already late while I lazed in bed for another 10 mins and then to get ready and go straight to work.

So anyways, the clock in the bedroom said 10:15am. And there was no way I could have got that wrong cos it's a digital clock!!! hehe.. I am handicapped when it comes to telling time on an analog clock with no numbers... so anyways, when I came out of the bathroom...and I normally take about 20 mins in the mornings... I thought what the heck? and I went and turned my laptop on. then I glanced down at my watches on the table and they both said it was 10 to 10!!! I thought okkkkk...maybe I forgot to wind one of my watches and it had stopped. so I wound it but then I realised that both said the same time. and so did my laptop when it finished loading! Then I went to the bedroom and the stupid clock said it was 11.00.

At that moment, Rick came in the door cos he went downstairs to get his iphone which he left in the car last night! The moment he came in, he said it's only 9.52am. And I said ya! That's what all my watches and laptop said... except the clock in the bedroom!. We even turned the tv on to check the time.... hehehe's really weird and a bit spooky when you think about it... and it is the Ghost Month on the chinese calendar... spooky!

All Kinds of People

Last week brought in a variety of people to the restaurant... Some were really nice and some were such big jerks!

There was a big black guy who came in with his girlfriend, I assume... He was an arsehole! When he came in, my boss showed then to a table and I was setting the table near them. So after a while, I served is normal cos you need some time to look at the menu, don you? The moment I asked, he asked if I had anything against big black men wearing pink?!? What the f**k? Then he said he was joking. Then when my boss took his order, he told her that I told him that she hated him!!! What a shithead! He was trying to be witty but sounded like a massive jerk!

Then there's this Japanese guy who comes in for lunch and always orders Roast Duck Rice. Never has he once smiled. Once I asked him if he wanted another drink cos he finished his but hasn't finished his rice, the bastard waved me away!!! He was sooooo rude! Feel like slapping him and asking him if he knows what manners are.

But for every 3 of these idiots, you get a good guy. There was this man who asked me where I learnt my English cos I didn't sound British. He said I sounded American and said my English was very good. Best thing was he gave me a £10 tip but I wasn't allowed to keep it. The boss' daughter saw the tip and her eyes went wide.

Then there was this table of old folks. They was very sympathetic that my English was good but I wasn't allowed to teach here without a PGCE.

Sigh... my legs still hurt! sigh... oh and on Fri night, I spilled a bowl of fried rice on the floor just before serving it to the customers....sigh and I got chilli sauce all over my trousers...sigh...

Dirty Dancing Remake

Oh nooooooo!!!! Have you heard that they are going to do a Dirty Dancing Remake? I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE Dirty Dancing and I love Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in this movie. I love everything about this movie and it is one of my favourites along with movies like Grease, Step Up, etc. And now they are talking about doing a remake.

They had a sequel done in 2004 Dirty Dancing:Havana Nights but it didn't catch on. Now they want to do a remake on the original movie and are considering High School Musical stars Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale and Step Up' star Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan for the roles. Hmmm... I'm not sure though... Would love to watch a new version of Dirty Dancing if they find the right people to star in it... Some people hate the idea. There's even a petition online somewhere(I can't remember the website) against it...

Last year, they was a UK dance competition on tv filmed at the resort Dirty Dancing was made. The competitors have to do scenes from Dirty Dancing while incorporating their own dance moves and interpretations and the original moves. It wasn't a bad show. The competitors were young and some were really creative. Rick was forced to watch it with me when I caught it on tv...heheh poor man! He's forced to watch Strictly Come Dancing with me him!

But to remake a movie that so many people love??? It's almost suicidal, I think...


My 4-day-old bruise...isn't it a beauty??? sigh! Got this on the 3rd day of work...

I have always wanted to try waitressing and I have now... I must say that this is going to be the last I will do waitressing. I have always thought that waitressing is a 'mindless' job meaning you don have to use your brains much like teaching... turns out I'm half right...hmmm...wonder if my brain is still working properly...

From the first day, I had to memorise the table number, when to give out plates and when to give out a bowl and a plate, the code for drinks and how to write the chinese name for the dishes on the set lunch menu. It took me a whole week to do that and I still get it wrong. It's not exactly rocket science but to get yourself organised...yikes... not my cup of tea.

My legs have been aching since the first day of work. I can't remember what having normal legs feel like. I haven't got the energy for anything nowadays. I come home crying on friday and saturday nights from sheer exhaustion and emotional depletion cos i used up all my energy to stay focused and keep pain at bay at work. It's going to be 2 weeks this week... and my legs are still hurting and the thought of 10 hours on my feet with a 2 hour break is hard!

This former princess is too tired to feel or do anything nowadays... but... at the moment, this is what I am going to be doing... for me, for hubby, for my pride that I will NOT quit... just yet!

Working Woes...

It's been a while since I last blogged...and it feels so long ago when I was a woman of leisure complaining about having nothing to do.. sigh... those were the days!!!!

Your truly, a former princess, has now been degraded into a serving maid!!!! a labourer!!! .... not really but it sounded more 'kasihan' when I put it that way... hehe..

anyways... I started work on fri. morning was a breeze learning the ordering process, the serving of food and cleaning work. dinner was fine too although i made some mistakes and ppl are nice when they know it's your first day at work. but at the end of the feet were so sore, they hurt so much! I cried when I got home cos I was so tired and a bit drained cos I felt so bad about not knowing enough written chinese to do my work properly and the boss had to keep covering for me. And I nearly had an asthma attack lugging trays of food upstairs to the karaoke rooms! Good luck I have my inhaler with me all the time!

sat nite : 2nd night at work was a killer! it was suddenly full and the restaurant is not small. it's about 75m from the kitchen doors to the front door. imagine walking that to and fro non stop for 6 hours! and there were only 3 of us manning the front and upstairs! god! i start work at 530. by 1030, i was ready to drop literally. i just about made it home without passing out. the moment i got home, i started crying cos there was nothing left in me! I was crying from exhaustion, from feeling depressed cos my written chinese is so bad, cos i had to be degraded to serving other people, or there's so much racism that we have to face at the resturant from the people here, etc...sigh! Anyways, it's also so funny cos earlier that night, Rick's second daughter was upset and she was crying to him... hehe...

anyways, it was a traumatic start for me. The bosses were very nice the next day about my mistakes though. Cos there was a lot of shouting in the kitchen on sat night cos the kitchen also couldn't handle it.

I think the only thing that has kept me returning to slave at the restaurant is because they are nice people and I don't want to leave them in a lurch without waitresses and it's so unprofessional...hehe and the other thing which is more important is the money I get. It not much and right now it helps a lot. cos now I have my own money to get rick a a present for our 6-month anniversary. we are very big on anniversaries. And the fact that I will not be doing this for long helps.

And I was joking about how it is a lesson in humility for is not working... I prefer having people think I'm a snob...I'm still a princess ... but it has helped my acting skills...hahaha... at work, I'm this really friendly, super polite waitress, but inside, god! I want to kill each and every bastard and bitch that comes in to the restaurant and act like they own the f##king place! haha..

and the uniform that I have to wear ta work... sigh.. I hate white shirts!!! so on my off days, i wear colours!!!

Love You!!! - the coolest place for free comments
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I have no idea what's up with me tonight!!!! I'm in such an amazing mood tonight!!! I feel so loving especially to friends!!! If you know me, you probably know that I am a rather ... hmmm ... unsociable person normally ... but tonight for some reason, I feel love for all my friends... close friends, new friends, old friends, lost friends.... FRIENDS!!!! I feel like I'm beaming with love for everyone!!!! I'm amazed... truly am amazed!!!!

I LOVE YOU, GUYS!!!!! Thank you for taking a part in my life. It doesn't matter if we are not always in touch. It doesn't matter if I haven't seen you for years. It doesn't even matter if you don't like me back... because tonight....and most probably only tonight.. I love all of you!!! hehehe..

No, I haven't had any alcohol...I'm not on drugs or ciggies either... wonder what I'm high on... must be the result of having the whole day to myself and enough rest finally and not being sick for the first time in 4 weeks!!!!

I'm happy and I wish everyone is happy too! MUAKS!!!!


It's amazing what you learn from Facebook... hehe.. I just read a very amusing article posted by a friend on FB. It said that Michael Jackson was a Muslim! I didn't know that... Did you?

It was an article written by someone in The Brotherhood of Islam in Bahrain where MJ stayed at during the course of his trial for that thing with the kids at his house. So anyways, according to the article, Mj expressed his interest in Islam publicly in 1989. He converted in Nov 2008 and went on Haj with the King of Bahrain and son in Dec 2008. And according to this article, MJ wasn't allowed a public Muslim burial by the US government. His public burial was Christian and his private or real burial was muslim in Neverland. And,...heheh.. hehehe... hehe.. this is because "...the US Government is afraid of the rising numbers of Muslims in the world". Bear in mind by whom this article was written!

sigh! Amusing, is it not? Anyway, for the article, click here... not sure if the link works or not though.


Years ago when we were in UK back in college, I was unfortunate enough(*&%#) to be in sleepy little Bognor(but I had fun there) and being the unsociable me, I didn't visit all of the required London sights like the palace. But then I was poor as well back then so I forgive myself. So when Sarah came, this was THE opportunity for me to be a tourist and look at all the places tourists are supposed to look at when in London.

We took Sarah to London to look at places like Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral, Globe Theatre, Buckingham Palace (which so disappointed me cos there were no guards with tall black hats!), St James' Park, etc... what amused me most was this view...Does the background look familiar? Apparently the tide was amazingly low on that day that this sight was possible because normally, this is what we see.
The Thames is always full of water( as rivers are supposed to be!) but on that beautiful day we went walking in London, the tide was so low that, as you can see in the first pic, people are sort of sunbathing on the river bank. And it's a proper river bank with pebbles(uk...sigh) and sand! Anyways, I was amused so I took a pic.

And I couldn't resist putting this next pic in as well..hehe St James Park. Look at the beautiful flowers... Look at beautiful me.... hehe... Note my jacket? It was a beautiful day when it wasn't threatening to rain on us! P/S. wish my hair would hurry up and grow!