Black Forest Gateau Wannabe

was in such a cake baking mood the other day that I absolutely had to bake a cake... I made Rick walk to Sainbury's with me...although it takes only 3 mins to get to Sainbury' 5pm and made my cake the moment we came home...Sigh... silly recipe has the measurements wrong I think cos it didn't come out resembling any kind of cake I know BUT after the cake was put together with the cream, it was DELICIOUS or DELISH as some would say...hehe I love the cream. If you ignore what looks like a chocolate cake, you will see that the filling is sort of berry-coloured? it's yummy!!! double cream whipped and then canned black berries and cherry brandy were added. we couldn't find kirsch so we used cherry brandy and I must confess that I have since developed a taste for cherry brandy! haha
It didn't come out looking like what it was supposed to look like but it tasted like a Black Forest Cake. Now I must go look for a recipe for Black Forest Gateau that works...if you have a recipe that works, send it to me pls!

My Sister's Wedding

My sister, Michele had her wedding reception on 9 September 2009 or Tawau. My family flew over for her wedding but obviously I couldn't go...sigh!!! I have always been jealous of Michele because she is very pretty and gentle..not that I want to be gentle... hehehe... Anyways, here are some pics of my beautiful sister at her wedding. Isn't she just beautiful?


Stupid bureaucracy! Been trying to get my UK national insurance number for weeks now! First they gave me the wrong number to call so I had to spend another 30 mins on the phone. Then I was told to download a form, fill that in and wait for 8-10 weeks for the card cos they won't tell me my number over the phone... Then the silly printer wouldn't print cos the ink spool or whatever you call it doesn't fit right so been waiting for hubby to get new ink so I can print the bloody form out. Now that I have printed it out, it says on the form that I can call the number and ask for my national insurance number over the phone. So I did. Then the stupid man on the phone says I have to download another form and send that off. So I went online to look for that and it doesn't even exist!!!!! Sigh! At this rate, you'll never get anything done!!!! I can understand why there's so much bureaucracy to protect the govt or company or whatever...but it is ridicuolous when it doesn't work!

We called a moving company to help move our furniture and we were told we have to call the council so that the movers will not be issued a ticket for parking by the road cos it's a double yellow line road. So Rick called the council and told them and he was put on hold for 20 mins so the woman could find out what to do about the movers parking outside cos she didn't knowwhat to do! Then Rick had to call the movers again to tell them it's ok to park by the road cos they are moving stuff. Sigh!

The owners of the restaurant I work at had to wait 2 weeks for the draught beer ppl to come and fit the draught taps or whatever they are called. One trip to install the taps. Second trip a week later to bring in the gas by another company. Then a third trip by yet another company to bring in the beer barrels. And finally a few days later after a phone call, a man to set up the gas and beer tubes to the tap and make sure the tempearture is cold enough.

Don even get me started on other things that can be easily done at one go but nooooo.... it has to be done by different departments and by different ppl. sigh!

Anyways, we are getting our keys to the new place on Sat...heheh.. I'm a bit excited for 2 reasons. One is because we are going to a new place with a small garden although I have no idea how much time I have for the garden because I work now and it's starting to turn cold It's the September Equinox today if I'm right.

Second reason is this is the first home Rick and I have decided on together since we got married. I giggle when I think of it this way! Me giggle! sigh! I have no idea what this man has done to me!!!! haha but I'm happy! hehe


hmmm... I'm wondering why I have nothing to say on my blog recently??? It's not like I haven't anything interesting to say... but why am I not telling on my blog??? hmmm... ... I must be more tired than I think I am... and I seem to have entered my recluse mode lately... sigh!!! argh!! I need a pick-me-up spell or potion!!!!

My Little Girls...

My little girls... I miss them soooo much!
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