Not working???

I work from home... although some people would insist that I don't work at all and that I stay home and play all day...hmmm... not to be defensive but I do work. I make jewellery and then sell them. Now, I may not be selling much and it's not (yet!) a multi-billion business. Nonetheless, I do object to people saying I don't work at all. So there! Rant over.

I just realised yesterday that I haven't blogged since November... haha...well, so now I thought I should update my blog a bit. Not that I have many pics to show but still...

December- Visited Rick's family in Oz.
Regardless of what people say, I haven't seen much of Adelaide or Melbourne. Everytime we go back, it's a family visit and with family visits, I see more of their homes and restaurants then sightseeing.
Adelaide- Linda's birthday. wish I took  a pic. I don like lugging Rick's big cam around. Oh well!
                Baby Thomas. ultra cute! He's Rick's niece's baby.

Melbourne- Christmas! had a quiet christmas dinner at home. Then Christmas lunch with Sarah.
                   Sarah's birthday. went out for a meal with Hil's whole family. 
                   oh and before that, went to the Ashes(cricket).  England trashed Australia (shushhhh!)

January...Yeah!!!! KK! went home to KK for the whole month till Chinese New Year.  Babysat as usual!!! But I love it.The kids are sooooooo cute!!!! 

Worked as well.. made loads of jewellery and actually sold some!!! That made me happy! Here are some pics of the things I made.

February- Chinese New Year!!! Gave away some ang pows...hahha..wish I'm on the receiving end though! hehe
Incidentally, I made the dress. Can't fit in it anymore though... hahah I got fat! Looks fat kan??? I blame it on the angle this pic was taken! Made the necklace and earrings to go with the dress as well... hahah that's the best part! I can make my jewellery to go with my dresses!!!

Came back to UK...still freezing! Celebrated our 2nd anniversary at the tapas place. Yum! Note: take pics next time!

Then my sister and her friend came and visited us! So it was shopping and food galore...hahah the week they were here, I put on abt 2 kgs!!!!! Imagine that! Dahlah already fat now fatter! But we had fun! Forgot to get the pics from my sister's cam though! sigh!
Sharrifah and I on the city wall. The wall surrounds York city.

Behind is the Fountain Abbey ruins. very pretty. sunny but cold and windy.

The house is so quiet now with the 2 girls down in London. oh well... So that's all the major events in the past few months!