Bits and Pieces

Wow!I didn't realise that it has been a month since I last blogged...hehe I guess my mood has come back...more like I'm finally getting off my lazy arse and blog...hehe..

Ok! As some of you probably already knows, my sister,Sylvia came back with me for a month long holiday. She stayed with me half the time. The other half in London with her other half..hehe.. ok... here's a pic of her and hubby doing something English while the sun is out during the week of summer we had...hehe... I told her that is what happens in summer. Everyone goes out to their garden or somebody else's garden and chill in the sun. She was appalled I made her go out in the sun...hehe...

So while she is here and I am not working, I baked. Here's my Black Forest and Blueberry Muffins. I cheated with the muffins. I  used instant mix out of the box. Came out surprisingly good!! I used pink icing...hehe... to decorate!

And I gardened! hehe. I grew...trying to grow tomatoes, salad leaves and peas from seeds... garlic and potatoes from leftover bulbs in the kitchen... and mini cucumber plants from the nursery. I sowed too many tomato seeds so now I have about 12 seedlings from 3 different tomato species. I don't even eat tomatoes. Next time I know! Anybody want tomato plants???  Bear in mind these pics were taken last week.
My salad leaves are comin out nicely and quickly! My peas are starting to sprout! Not sure about my garlic and potatoes though...sigh.  

 My chrysenthemums died (or so I thought!) over winter cos I left them outside. When I wanted to bring them in, I couldn't get the back door open! Cos the door frame and door have expanded in the cold... old house bah!  Most of them have revived!!!! Yeah!

More of my gardening adventure later...unless they all die! Touch wood! Touch wood!