I am so amzaingly bored today.....not to mention being so short fused!!!! I hate going in to class nowadays since I have been ill.... Come to think it...I have always been bad and quick tempered even in class, but these few days have been amzaing. I think I even broke my own record! 2 mins of being in class would put me and my students in hell. God! I hate even myself! I wouldn't want to be my own students!

what's happened is... they are doing renovation work outside my office. This place being in a closed building is not exactly good for air ventilation. so the doc said I am sensitive to pollution in the air and that has made my airways irritated and now I have Bronchitis which is Inflammation of the Airways. so he put me on Ventolyn pills which opens up my airways but gives me amazing all day long tremors, antibiotics, sinus medication, fever stuff and phelgm stuff so my body is full od medication again. and the silly medication just dulls all my sense especially the feel-good ones. so my students and I are all suffering.

Also my arse of an uncle has all but barred me and my sibings from visiting my grandma who's staying at their house cos she had a fall and needed ppl to take care of her cos she can't really move on her own. She has a hairline fracture on her hip plate or watever you call it. Anyways, he has been giving my aunt shit for us going to visit grandma at their house so often. so now, we can't go so often, or so many of us and weekends are also out. Basically, we have to wait till he is not at home first before we can go visit out grandma. I got so pissed off at my aunt for doing that after my mom blamed me for visiting my grandma so late, I called her to demand for the 'right' time to visit. well, to cut the bloody story short, she turned all teary on me and made me feel like an arse. talk about emotional blackmail!!!!!


I was spring cleaning at my mom's house the other day and there were bits and pieces of the old computer and a few old phones that we haven't for ages!!! It's a wonder how many things one can keep in a small house...i hate to think of what's being collected in offices. well, there are lots of companies that buy and sell used equipment like used cisco so all these bits ad pieces in the office be recylced,...sort of....


The Chinese New Year holidays are coming and most ppl get the whole week I was thinking why not go camping???? As if... but i would go if there weren't any mosquitoes around! Because camping gear come in great ranges now. They've got fantastic tents, cookware, lanterns and lighting, stove and heaters. Fantastic stuff!!!! The thought of using all these gear makes me feel all excited and i don even like camping...hehehe.

Ultra Sick

I caught a virus from somewhere and now eveywhere hurts!!! you name it, it hurts!!!! my head hurts. sneezing my nose off. coughing my lungs out. shivering with cold at the office. all my joints hurt like hell. but i still hv to work!!! no work, no money!!!! sigh!!!!

wish rick is here to take care of me... talking about rick.... sigh!!! God knows when we will meet again. I miss him so much. Some days are horrible...really horrible.... other days are bearable while some just pass by without me noticing...

thank goodness for work... some work anyway...


Valentine's Day is coming.... Have you thought about how to spice up that night with your loved one? If Rick were here, I would get myself babelicious gorgeous ultra sexy chemises from Lingerie Diva to spice up the night... the whole night!!!! hehe not sure it will stay on long enough though..; hehe or get one and wear it under your clothes on that hot date and have lots of fun letting your man tear it off!


Lazy to go into the next room to run out the lights? Don't want to get off ur comfortable chair to turn the switches off? How about clapping your hands to turn the lights in the next room off? clapper plus is a tool you can use to control the lights in the next room by hand claps. You can even reposition it to use it with whatever appliance you are too lazy to reach up to. Perfect tool for those lazy days in!

Adidas Golf

I have never thought much of golf or anything associated with golf until i saw the range of Adidas golf sports wear. Then only did i realise you can be fashionable while playing golf too. No more do golfers wear boring sports attire. In fact, Some golf sports wear are to die for unlike in the old days when golfers are associated with rich old ppl with no sense of fashion!

Diet Patches

Chinese New Year is coming and everyone is rushing to lose weight to fit into a new dress and look extra nice for the pictures. I hate exercising. In fact, I am allegic to exercising. So, the easiest way is to diet patch to lose the excess and look beautiful for Chinese New Year. There is no need to eat less or sweat!


hehehe... it's been almost a month since Christmas and only now do I have the time and energy to blog about our Christmas Eve dinner. Christmas Eve dinner is a tradition in our family and we almost always have dinner on Christmas Eve. As always, we had turkey for dinner...yummy!!!

And of course the whole family's home for dinner. So managed to take some pics with the kids.

But the best part of Christmas is always opening our presents. And now that we have all grown up, the part is watching the kids open their presents. This is a pic of Annabelle opening hers. Isn't she just adorable?

Rick flew over to see me on 26 Dec cos he couldn't get an earlier flight so the poor dear had to fly on Christmas Eve and spend Christmas Day on the plane and in a hotel in Johor cos the earliest flight out to KK was on 26 morning. He was exhausted cos he had been flying almost non-stop since November. We had such a wonderful time together and we even went shopping for his new clothes and books for us. I missed him so much since coming back here. And it was good for him too cos it gave him a chance to rest from work. He even managed to stop working while he was here!!! heheh.. he's just wonderful! Now of course, it's back to chatting online and sms and phone calls again...sigh!!!!

Purify the Air

My brother bought for my sister-in-law one of those electric stone air purifier things which you plug into a power point and when it is lit up, it is supposed to purify the air around us to improve our health in general and to help certain ailments for Christmas. air purifiers like these are now quite common in homes of people who believe in natural healing. Well, in my opinion as long as it helps clean the air, it is good.

Phone Systems

I have never realised how many telephone system accessories you need for an office! From phones to headsets, surge protection to on hold music, professional voiceover to voicemail systems... I never realised and it has never occurred to me exactly how telephone system accessories are needed in a business. Neobits offers everything you need for small business phone systems which you can order online and get your business started.

Software for Living

There're all sorts of things on the internet. I was just browsing thru the internet the other while waiting for my class to start when i came across this website. this website offers assisted living software which will help you to organise your expenses or bills. it helps generate the cost of your living expenses whether for your company or your personal expenditure. Amazing!!!!

Las Vegas

Thinking of going to Las Vegas for a holiday? hotels Las Vegas has offers of discounts for hotels in Las Vegas. From budget hotels to 5-stars hotels, you can take your time to read and choose the hotels you fancy at whichever location you want to go for your holiday. Everything is at your finger tips. No more hassle going to travel agencies!


Is your computer getting slow? Time for an upgrade? No time to bring your computer to the store? how about getting your memory checked online? You can get it done at Dell Memory. Then check online and see if you can get an upgrade without needing to bring your computer to a store. It's wonderful to hv a computer at home. It's even more wonderful to hv a fast computer to use!


I think one of the most interesting and stressful job is a stock broker's job. You get to play around with other people's investments and make more and you also get more than stressed out when u lose their money. and where money is concerned, some people will kill for it. a new thing now is you get to monitor ur own stocks while having someone take care of it for u. futures broker allowas you to create an account online so you can monitor it at home.


Have you ever heard of plasma cutting? no? me neither... until now... i think instead of hearing about the normal steel cutting or diamond cutting, now there is such a thing as plasma cutting
. As the modern technology advance, ever how u get something cut is more developed now. And plasma cutting is the latest. it cuts with even more precision and aitomation than diamond cutting!