I am so sad when I look at this pic of my poor little bags....I've got lots of time on my hands now, right? so I go through my wedding pics over and over again... Rick says I'm obsessed with the weddings.. well, I am! So there...anyways, I get very sad every time I look at this picture of my poor little bags.... .....I made 175 of these little bags... starting the project in Nov after we decided the wedding was going to be in Feb... right up to about 3 days before the wedding when I decided I've had enough... ... ... ... ... ...but my little bags went unnoticed and I had to tell people at the reception that I made them... ... ... some of the women cooed but... ... ...how many would people remember my little bags??? It's so sad!!!!!!

Narcissistic Behavior

Hmm... I was surfing the internet for the correct spelling of 'narcisus' when i chanced upon this article on Narcissistic Behaviour.

It's when a person is 'intensely in love with self', has an '
exaggerated sense of superiority', 'distorted self-image' and has 'intense emotions' as 'defense mechanisms by a narcissist, to conceal his deep sense of insecurity and low self-esteem' as a result from 'excessive pampering, parents pressurizing the child to do something in order to enhance their own self esteem, neglect by the parents or abuse by elders'.

Isn't this just interesting? Hehe so interesting in fact that I had a teeny moment of panic when I read the characteristic of this personality disorder!!! Here's why... According to the website, these are the traits...

Narcissistic Behavior Traits or Characteristics
A person suffering from narcissistic personality disorder exhibits some specific behavior traits or patterns.
  • Narcissists are hypersensitive to insults, defeat, criticism, and often tend to react aggressively when faced with such situations.
  • They are introverts, hence they don't make it obvious even if they are hurt.
  • They are preoccupied with fantasies related to power, wealth, success and love.
  • They feel that they are special and hence desire to be treated in a special way.
  • They lack the ability to understand humane emotions. They don't try to understand other people's needs, feelings or viewpoints.
  • Narcissists are self-centered and consider themselves to be superior to others.
  • They are boastful and often indulge in exaggerating themselves and their achievements.
  • They set unrealistic goals for themselves and don't hesitate in taking extreme measures to attain these goals.
  • They like being constantly admired and crave to be the center of attraction always.
  • They appear very arrogant in nature and sport an unnecessary attitude or ego most of the time.
  • They are always envious about others but simultaneously think that other people are envious about them.
A person suffering from narcissistic personality disorder may take to drug abuse and alcholism as a means of coping with their difficulties. This disorder hampers the development of healthy relationships between this person and other members of his family and society.

I don know about you guys... but I seem to have more of these traits that I like! hehe... in fact, I had to ask Rick if I was just plain vain or if it sounded like I had this narcissistic personality disorder... ... ... He said I was just VAIN...sigh!

My Princesses....

Was just going through my wedding pics finally and trying to choose my favourite pics to make a wedding album for myself cos Rick and I don't have one... Saw this fantastic pic of the 3 princesseswho are in my life...my 3 princesses all in the same pic! This is a rare opportunity which deserves to be set in stone!!!

Little Garden...

We went out yesterday to get new plants for the house cos the ones we bought 2 years ago are dead! It's not that surprisingly considering they are potted plants and went through droughts whenever Rick was away... hehe..

Our money plant is a monster though! I have to keep winding the tendrils back round itself. When we bought it, it was about 4 feet. Now, the monster is almost 6 feet. The only reason why it is not taller is because it has outgrown its support and can't climb the wall!

Our little conservatory in the apartment...looks so nice with the flowers at the windowsill. The sunshine comes in at this corner so it looks really nice, like a little garden.

Flowers on the windowsill where Rick works at. Sorry the pic's a bit dark.

It's amazing how a bit of colour brightens up the room and how flowers can put a smile on your face. I wish we have a proper little garden to potter in though...


So I'm finally here with hubby again starting our married life properly...hehe...reason why I laugh is because there's not much of a difference to before we got married which I'm glad! So 3 months after the wedding and after 3 trips to the British High Commission, I get my visa. But I couldn't leave until after my grandma's one-year in June. So all that done, I'm finally here.

Wasn't a smooth trip though... first my kk-kl Airasia flight was delayed for 3 hours cos the flight before had to be redirected to Kuching or somewhere for a medical emergency. Another flight was even worse, they were delayed from 6 plus till midnight. There were a lot of angry ppl at the airport that day.

I felt a bit better when I got to Concorde Inn near Klia. It was a gem hidden in the 'wilderness' sort of...I was pleasantly surprised. I do recommend staying there if you have an overnight transit in kl. Had a drink with Kong Hong, my bro and caught up with him.The kl-london MAS flight was a bit better. But for some reason, it was an uncomfortable long flight for once. I couldn't sleep properly cos I sat between 2 big guys. sigh! not that I needed much space but still. The poor lady behind us was a six-footer and big. She couldn't fit in her seat properly and was complaining throughout the whole flight and nobody would swap seats with her. I started a conversation with the Aussie beside me. His name is Terry. He builds scaffolding in Oz. Said he worked in the bush for 2 years and saved enough to take 2 years off work to travel Europe. It's so cool! I doubt very much a malaysian would earn enough being a lawyer to take 2 years off work to travel... sigh

So after the long passport control queue and the queue to get an xray done, I finally got out of the airport and Rick drove us home in the jam. Moment I got home and on our bed, were presents for me...hehe...presents as in food, ferrero rocher, crisps, kinder chocolate to get my food horde started he said...hehe... oh and a card that says 'welcome home, my lau por' haha
then he gave me that green ostrich wallet from South Africa, the replica pot and the pot of spices from Greece...not very romantic of my man but he always gets me unexpected gifts like that. Once I mentioned I wanted a mortar and pestle, he got me a marble one from Eygpt...haha.. Practical man my hubby...haha