Friends' Weekend - Pt 1: London

It was time for me to start blogging again in case anyone's interested in what's happening in my life since I've been here.

I have been falling ill quite often since I came here, but it hasn't stopped us from enjoying ourselves. Way back in September, we went to the Museum of Natural Science where we saw exhibitions of dinosaurs, mammals and was fantastic but since it was so long ago, I'm not going to post any pics. However, I am going to blog about our trip to London first, then Shillington where we had a very nice time with Rick's Friends.

Rick's friends, Phil and Sati, invited us for dinner and spend a night in London with them. It was very nice of them to do that because normally we go up to their house in St Albans to see them and the kids. This time it was a grown up only dinner. We got in to London late afternoon and checked in at Jurys Inn London. It was a 3-star hotel and the rooms were a bit run down but hey! it's in London!

I love the bathroom fixtures!

It was a small room overlooking the back roofs of the bulidings at the back but it was right in London near The British Museum. We went to the museum for tea and had a bite to eat and I was complaining about how we didn't go into the shops the last time we were there, so we looked in the shops before we left...every one of the shops...hehe

Look at this!!! First tier was sweet dessert things, tarts and tier. Second tier was wierd sandwiches-Rick's, figs and something in one, stinky cheese in one, smoked salmon in another. Third tier was scones with jam and clotted cream-shared tier...yummy!!!

I took this shot while waiting for the food to come... the roof of the museum...gorgeous!

Bellys filled...I couldn't resist and Rick obliged me, bless him!...A very nice lady offered to take a pic for us.. so I jumped at her offer. Behind us is a totem of something, an exhibition downstairs.

This was on the way down for drinks before we went out for dinner cos dinner was...... at 9pm!!! good thing i convinced him we needed to have tea first. I had one margarita which was amazingly strong and sips of Rick's many wines...these ppl can really drink! between Rick and Phil, i think what they had at he bar was equivalent to 2 bottles of wines...before dinner and I as usual started coughing after half a glass...

Then finally we went to dinner at a restaurant which had very good reviews-unfortunately I can't recall the name of the restaurant. All the names of the dishes to me are wierd and whatever I ordered suited Rick more so in the end I had whatever he ordered and he had mine. I had a Pig's Head dish for starters and it was braised pork. I hated my traditional meatballs so I had Rick's Lamb. Safe names weren't safe. Dishes with funny sounding names were good. but by then I was so weak from coughing and the asthma attack, I was too tired to care really. but we had more laughs and more chats and the men had more wine...apparently the tolerance for alcohol has to do with the genetic make up of asians and europeans. That's why they drink alcohol like water. And the tolerance for alcohol also has something to do with lactose tolerance, hence many asians are lactose intolerant and asians can't hold their drink.

So, conclusion, it was definitely an enjoyable evening with friends albeit the asthma attack.

My Masterpiece

I recently got back in touch with William and finally got him to take pictures of the table for me... He bought this gorgeous table which has a glass panel on top and another panel under it which you can decorate. And I did... hehe I have to make it very clear that I decorated it.. cos William loves to tell people he did it... Hmph! I hope you are reading this, William!So anyways, we went to Pangkor and decided to make a beach-like motif. He bought 2 gorgeous dried starfish, and shells... and i made him bring home a plastic bag of sand from the beach... hehe... and viola!Come to think of it... it doesn't look like much from the pictures but if you look at it in real life,... it is a gorgeous piece of work! You wouldn't believe I made it...