Crazy Month

It's been a totally crazy month this May. First my dad got sick so sick he couldn't walk and kept falling. Then he started to throw up and we convinced him to go to the hospital. It was a good thing we got him there after carrying him into the car. The A&E docs said he had a heart attack and he needed a shot to calm his heart down. The shot was dangerous cos it could slow his heart down so much it would stop and they would then have to electrify(whatever it's called properly) to get his heart beating again. Mom was so scared. We were scared too. Then he got warded. My poor dad had wires and tube all over him. The last time he had a heart attack was 20 yrs ago. So he had to have an angiogram done which took forever cos he had to get that done at the private hospital. But he's ok now thank goodness.

While that drama was happening, my little niece stole some rice to eat. but the rice was already spoilt. I caught her washing her mouth and then i saw rice on the floor. then i knew she ate the spoilt rice and had food poisoning. Poor kid.

When all that was finally over and dad was home for 4 days and the little one was recovering, my grandmother was warded. Her kidneys were failing and she had fluid in her lungs and her blood pressure was sky high. So my siser and I had to take turns camping at the hospital cos there was no one else too watch over her at night. She got so bad that she started being delirious. It was so scary. We thought we were going to lose her. Then she was tranferred to the private hospiatal to get a tube into her bladder to get rid of urine cos it was poisoning her body. they stuck a mirror into her to see if there was a blockage and cleared it. there was blood in her urine but the important thing was the urine was clearing out of her system. for a day, she was getting better. Then yesterday she threw up blood so the docs did an endoscopy or whatever and found she had an ulcer in her stomach which had burst so she threw up blood. they lasered it bt she still has blood in her stomach. She lost about 1 and half pint of blood and had to have a blood transfusion. But the blood wasn't going in properly cos either it wasn't done properly or her veins were narrow or something and had to have the needle stuck in again. I totally lost it at that point.

It's been such a traumatic and emotionally and physically draining month that we are all kind of numb. my mom is sick now. my sister and I are like zombies. and it's still in and out of the hospital for all of us. good thing they found a lady to watch over my grandma at night so my sister and I don have to camp at the hospital anymore.

Sigh!!! I hope no one else will go through so many things at the same time like us. It's absolutely no fun at all!!!!