This is my man, Rick !!! He is almost everything I want in a man...he's sweet, caring and loving about everyone... he's intelligent and mature... and the best thing is...he's even more passionate about reading than I am... but the worst thing (I have already learnt how to ignore it!) is his habit of sticking his tongue in his cheek (if you call it that!) sorry darling if you ever read this... anyways, he came out of nowhere one day and whisked me off to his world...with the help of my best friend, Audrey ... everything happened really quickly... sometimes, it seemed almost like a dream...a dream come true some would say...not that I have ever dreamt of being with a 'kwai lo'! It just happened!!! but I am very very happy now and lol... in love!!! Thank you, Audrey girl...luv ya! So there you go, the story of Rick and Princess Bea (or The Princess and The Genetist).


Cheryl Leong said...

Wah.. finally you're being whisk to love land ;)

Bea said...

hahaha...whisked to love land???

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