Busy March

This is crazy!!! It's been a while and this time, I had to think about what my password is!!! sigh... Oh well....I have an excuse why I haven't been blogging religiously lately. It's because...... tadaaa.... I forgot I had a blog!!!!! wakakakaka... Nahhhh.... March has been a month of visitors! Oh, and my birthday.

First, beginning of March, when my sister and her friend were still here, we went to Fountain Abbey ( I think it's Fountain Abbey...hubby laughed at me cos I can never get it right. or Abbey Fountain??? whichever!) on a beautiful, albeit cold, March day!

Fountain Abbey was supposed to be one of the biggest and richest abbeys back in the 13th century and was built in the 12th century. They made money feom farming, horse breeding, sheep, mining, quarry, etc.  They sound like a hardworking bunch, don't they? Anyways, this is what is left from the Dissolution of Monasteries in the mid 16th century after whatever was taken to built other buildings. It's pretty impressive.
We also took the girls to Whitby for some fish and chips and sightseeing through the Yorkshire Moors, which I think is gloomy and Hubby thinks it's beautiful. This pic was taken in a rush cos it was soooo cold when we couldn't be bothered putting our coat on and got out of the car. BIG mistake! The photographer was too cold to concentrate. Anyways, what I'm standing on is heather. Heather covers the land for miles and miles. And cos it was late winter, flowers haven't bloomed yet so the landscape looks brown.
Whitby was COLD!!!! The winds... brrrrr.... that'sll all I can say! I didn't bother taking pics cos my hands were too cold to come out of my pockets. The fish and chips were good though.

And then Janet and her family came over from Ireland for a visit. We had loads of fun catching up and we went round town showing them the sights. By then I was pretty good at being a tour guide. hehe...had bits of stories from the horse cart tour round the city with my sister and her friend.

That's Janet(second from left) and her lovely husband, Vincent and daughter, Michelle. Do re mi in the pic and guess who's the shortest? wakakaka...
Then my birthday convo drove down to Reading with hubby and me in one car and Janet and her family in another. That's really sweet of them, wasn't it? It was St Patricks day so they had a long weekend and decided to come to York and then go down to Reading to celebrate my birthday at East West, where I used to work. Bart and Hanie from The Netherlands were there. Fahim and his lovely partner, were there. Of course, Sem, Sandy and Anthonio were there.  My sister and her partner, Gareth, came as well. It was like  a mini reunion...haha...   As usual, I helped out at the restaurant (which I missed doing) and they even had a surprised cake for me!!! As a rule, I hate surprises so it was really nice of them to do that! Bart and Hannie did the balloons. so cute!
Here comes pic of how FAT I am!!! haha... Not a good look but it's ok. It's a pic of the 3 of us. We used to compare lives and gossip when we were all at Reading. I didn't realised how FAT I was till I saw this pic!!! So now, I'm on a major diet! But I blame the camera and phtographer more!
And I had loads of beautiful and much appreciated presents!!!! I loved all of them! Too much? NAH!!! I don't think so. This one is from Hubby dearest. hahaha... I'm spoilt rotten, aren't I? Hubby said 35th is a big birthday so I went for it... hahaha... why waste an excellent excuse for shopping and presents??? haha
 From my sister, a tea set!!!! Love it!

And the rest of my presents.

The handmade wallet is from PengPeng. Peng Peng visited me at the end of March. It was a girly weekend filled with food, hair, nails and fun! heheh We had lots of laughs and there was also a panic moment too cos I lost my bankcard due to 3 rounds of supermarket shopping in one day! We must do it again soon, Peng!

And that's Busy March! Next blog, Creative April...


PengPeng彬彬 said...

Very nice. Made me miss it all over again, what webdid in march. Must do it again soon, you're right bat that.

Eh what happened to the picture you took with the DSLR before I left York ah?

Bea said...

it's somewhere. I remember uploading it but where not sure... :-)

escape2 said...

well, the zumba dvds will help you to lose weight. i heard it is really good. try it and share with us. show us the lighter you!

Bea said...

the lighter me??? with doughnuts for lunch?? hahah will be tough. the problem is with spring, the sun stays out longer kan? and by the time I realise what time it is, it's too late to zumba and I don have enough space in my lounge bah to do it properly. but it makes a great sweating session

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