I have just downloaded Blogspot on my IPad! Technology is amazing! :-). Maybe now I will blog more often???? Hehe....

Straightened my hair today... Been a while since I had it this straight. The
hubby prefers my hair curled...and now that I am growing out of my curls, I am looking for a new hairstyle. Had my hair curled just before Chinese New Year. It was filthy cheap!!!! Less than RM70 if I remember correctly for my over-shoulder-length hair then!!!! But obviously to get it done that cheaply means they used a very basic perming lotion which is murder for hair ends. I have cut half of my split ends last month when I had my hair colored. So there's the other half head of split ends to get rid of.

If I were to trim the ends, I'd end up with curls at the ends which would look funny. If I straighten it, my face would look like a giant moon cake, not that it doesn't look like one with curly hair anyway. And the hubby likes me with curly hair. I like me with curly hair. But the ends of my hair at the moment just annoys me no end!

I don want to cut it shoulder length cos winter is coming and I want my ears and neck protected! Long hair is great for that! I shall wait till after we move to cut my hair short again.

In the meantime............ I shall wait for inspiration! Or ideas if anyone has any... :-)

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SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

I like curly hair but hubby don't like hehe.

escape2 said...

all the best for your class

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