Time flies...

Wow! I was just going through the Bookmarks on my pc when I was trying to free up more space on and I found an old blog that a friend had.  That made me realised that maybe it's time for an update on my own blog.

Let's see...we went to Rhodes end of May for our holiday and I love Rhodes!!!! Love the blue of the water...love the food especially the fried shrimps and souvlaki!!! love the islands! love everything!!!  I shall write about Rhodes in another blog.

After that was the week at Joanne's place after she and the kids visited us. We went to Barley Hall and Jorvik Centre....hmm...should probably blog about that too. Oh we went to Manchester Chinatown...too bad it was raining and I was too busy trying to stay dry and forgot about taking pics!..wait!!! not that, my phone died because I forgot to turn the gps off after we found the way to Chinatown!

On the home front, still struggling to finish my curtains course.  Pencil Pleats and sewing on curtain tapes is on the assignment this month. Am still enjoying it. The last assignment with measurement windows was not my fav, especially when you live in an apartment with really high Georgian Sash Windows. killer to measure when you don't have a ladder.  I doubt I will reach the ceiling on a ladder anyways.  Good thing Joanne was on hand to help. Needless to say, I did cheat with the measurements a bit...hopefully i will still pass my assignment. fingers crossed!!!!

So many projects to do after i finish with this assignment...felt flower cushions for Victoria, Zippered Cushions for Joanne, Registration dress and wedding dress for Sylvia, 2 dresses for Nana....not to mention I should probably make some new items for my website!...

Busy Busy Busy!!!  oh well...back to work...laters!!!!


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