Sussex-Part 1: Interesting things on the way

We passed so many places that my tip to Sussex is still a blur to me in some

this is an interesting signpost we saw in Seven Oaks. While we were stuck in a jam there, i saw cobbled streets!!! Cobbled streets are so pretty to look at from far though a killer for high heels! Sexen Oaks looked really interesting with plenty of shops and cafes...I will have to go there one of these days... and the interesting bit about many towns or villages in England is that on some streets, people's front doors literally open out onto the main roads. Its like all you hv to do is take two big steps and u r on the main road with oncoming traffic... How cool is that??? Dangerous but cool.

This pub, The Squirrel Inn is a pub where we stopped for a drink in Bexhill if I remember correctly. I know this pub doesn't look like much...I'll try to get pics of nicer looking pubs.... Bexhill-by-Sea is a small town down by the south coast of England. The town itself is nothing much to look at (sorry, James!) but some of the houses there are big which i think is great cos these are the old houses that were built a long time ago so they are bigger, unlike the newer ones which are small and narrow.

We also passed by a place called Battle which is so named because this was where the Battle of Hastings was fought in 1066. The way I understand it is Harold who was the advisor to the dying King Edward was named to be the King of England. And there were two other rivals for the crown. So King Harold managed to kill Hardrada of Norway when he attacked from the north. Right after that, William of Normandy attacked from the south. So King Harold went south to defend his crown. But he died so William of Normandy became King of England. Hehehe..would it help if I say William of Normandy is William The Conqueror?? Go read up on it if you want to know more.

Another interesting place is Windmill Hill. Actually i just liked the name. And they do have a small windmill which is a small local tourist attraction. I was going to steal a pic of that from James's mother's camera but forgot.

hehe...there's a Proton distributor in Coohen I think. Ya, our Proton! And because it's supposed to be summer now, fresh fruits are sold along the roads. Fruits like strawberries and raspberries. No, I'm not a fan of strawberries though i hv to admit the strawberries Peng Peng and I ate at Paris were the sweetest and biggest I've ever seen or tasted.


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