Presents from Eygpt

hehehe.. I love getting presents... the green mortar and pestle is actually made from onxy... can u believe that? I thought onxy only comes in black...well, apparently not! hehe Rick got me a mortar and pestle cos i said i can't make sambal without that so he went and got me that from Eygpt!!! I laughed my head off when I opened the box and saw that... hahaha.. The white one is made from alabaster according to him. hehehe.. i thought he got me that so i can put something in it but when i took off the lid, inside were two black bags... hehehe.. one was a necklace with a scarab beetle(as in the flesh-eating beetles in The Mummy). See the black bits on the beetle? That's onxy! The other with a cat pendant cos the cat is holy to ancient eygptians... did i say how much i love getting presents? hehehe... thank you...

Pics Rick took at the Pyramids and Sphinx...see how big the blocks of stone are??? can u imagine how ppl used to carry those stones from a long way off to build the pyramids without cranes and bulldozers... without any machinery??? Incredible, isn't it? I wonder why he didn't get me one of these really cool eygptian belly dancing outfits!!!


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