Friends' Weekend-Pt 2: Shillington

Right, so the next day after dinner with Phil and Sati, we took a train back to Reading in the morning and went over to get our hired car cos we were driving up to Shillington which is north of London I think. It's a VW Polo i think, nice little car.
But first things first, we drove over to See Woo and went shopping for Chinese food!!! Bought enough noodles to last me a month and bought kangkung and seaweed snacks and things to make sushi and bought frozen tilapia and grouper..heheh I never thought I would buy fish!

Then we drove up to see Andy and Kat who just had a baby a couple of months ago. As usual we had to go the scenic route through the countryside. so much I was a bit sick of the countryside after hours and hours of it! We went thru so many towns I can't remember their names and was too busy looking to remember to take pics..hehe...We stopped at Dunstable I think, a place where ppl go to fly kites! there were so many kites and children and adults were having so much fun.

We booked a room at the Yew House B&B and it was a normal sized room but with an ensuite bathroom which was tiny and had a tiny closet built beside the bathroom and there was a sink at the other end of the room.

The white door is the ensuite and the blue door is the closet.

This next one is a pic of the common bathroom outside. I love the mirror and the faucets and the landing decorated with the wooden horse. And there were lots of chinese vases all over the place so I asked the landlord and he said he's been collecting vases and china antique pieces for years now.

ok. then we went to visit Rick's friends and I love the dog. She is gorgeous!
We had chinese takaway for dinner and Rick had a lot of fun catching up with them and seeing the baby and drinking wine, while the dog had fun sitting on me.

The next morning, it's breakfast at the conservatory while looking out the windows at the gorgeous garden.

Then it's time for one more picture before hitting the road home and as usual, it was the scenic route home before he got tired of driving and we took the M4 home quick..haha...


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