Wedding Dash - Pt 1

It's been about 2 weeks now trying to plan for the wedding! I'm totally ready to scream and rant and rave now! Almost everything is based on other ppl and ppl say it's my wedding! No sooner has one problem been talked thru and decided on, another pops up and is again beyond my control... not that I am a control freak or anything... it's just that life has this very annoying habit of trying to throw problems at me and not leave me alone or let things go smoothly for me... If this is wat PNT Pre-nuptial tension is, I hate it! Of course it doesn't help when I'm so far away!!!!

First, it was waiting for my parents to look for an auspicious date. Being brought up in a family that can be amazingly traditional in certain things, this rule has to be followed! And then when I was told when, it didn't help! because it's a Sunday! What official office would open for me on Sunday??? And for the chinese, obviously it's leaving the family home that's important, and to the western part of me and to Rick, the ceremony is more important... It would be wierd to him to have both be days apart and we have to think of the number of days he can get off!!!

Then, it was the photo shoot and album bit which Rick is nice enough to agree to do for me. But the shop that does great dresses is horrible at making the album. And then it was deciding which would be less painful for Rick, the studio pics or outdoor pics. And then I had the idea of doing the photo shoot in UK so I have something to show at the wedding pop into my head. and that didn't help cos it's cold now! and photographers are expensive here!!!!

Then, trying to think about the venue for the ceremony, lunch and dinner. At first, I wanted to do everything at home. It was asking friends for names of caterers and things but now, dinner can't be done at home cos my guest list is too long!!! so I said ok to cut cost, have the ceremony at mom and dinner at the hotel...but apparently this won't work either because the office says I can't do that because Rick's not malaysian! and I have to do it at the govt office! I don fancy that idea! because obviously, the dresscode would be stricter and not as private!

And then I had to find the perfect dress and Rick had to like it enough to buy it on the spot! and it's green and not white. and I have to lose 2 inches off my waist and grow 4 inches in the next 3 months to fit it perfectly!

Argh!!!!! What else can go wrong!!!!!


escape2 said...

chill chill chill...
all tensed up is not going to help.
more phone calls, more lists, and so share all those complaints here. hahaha...

Audrey and Martin Wiles said...
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