Black Forest Gateau Wannabe

was in such a cake baking mood the other day that I absolutely had to bake a cake... I made Rick walk to Sainbury's with me...although it takes only 3 mins to get to Sainbury' 5pm and made my cake the moment we came home...Sigh... silly recipe has the measurements wrong I think cos it didn't come out resembling any kind of cake I know BUT after the cake was put together with the cream, it was DELICIOUS or DELISH as some would say...hehe I love the cream. If you ignore what looks like a chocolate cake, you will see that the filling is sort of berry-coloured? it's yummy!!! double cream whipped and then canned black berries and cherry brandy were added. we couldn't find kirsch so we used cherry brandy and I must confess that I have since developed a taste for cherry brandy! haha
It didn't come out looking like what it was supposed to look like but it tasted like a Black Forest Cake. Now I must go look for a recipe for Black Forest Gateau that works...if you have a recipe that works, send it to me pls!


Fely said...

Yum!! It still looks delish!! Bet the cake didn't last long.

Bea said...

thanx! hehe I had a piece on the same day but Rick was too full from dinner to have any. I complained. the next day when I came back from work, it was gone! All gone! hehe..wish he had left me some!

PengPeng彬彬 said...

are those plums on top? very nice wor.there is kirsch royale in Marks and Spencer's but it's the cheap version so don't know if it's any good but it tastes quite nice, sweet.

i can just picture you drunk on the cherry brandy while baking *heek*.... haha.

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