I'm wondering how to start this blog...hmmm... ok! So Peng came over on Tuesday and went home the next day. Right...What did we do? hehehe... We knitted and crocheted. When we weren't knitting or crocheting, we were eating and gossiping. And this pic was taken at a sushi shop called Sushi OneOEight.

I must say it's been a while since I sat down and knitted almost the whole day. It was very nice too catching up with each other face to face. There's something about sitting down and chatting to a friend. It brings up the feeling of kinship.

The internet is good because it connects one to one's friends no matter where one is. But I think when you sit down and talk to someone face to face, it allows you to see facial expressions and hear the little oohs and ahhs that come natural with a proper conversation between people. Obviously, you can do the same by typing all the ohhs and ahhs you want to say...but it just isn't the same. Smileys can't replace facial expressions either cos they are soooo limited....

Anyways, back to what I was saying... was very enjoyable chatting to a friend and not having to be careful of what you say and gossiping!!!... Not that we gossiped about anyone a lot, Peng hor? heheh well, you know what I mean! I miss sitting down and chatting to girlfriends and go yumcha and all that! sigh!!!

Ok! Who wants to visit me next? Or shall I come visit?


PengPeng彬彬 said...

it was really nice !! the best part was you cooking for me, and second best was like you said, us just sitting, doing nothing and being totally ourselves.... loved it. hugs and kisses.

escape2 said...

overseas guest welcomed??
both of you have to dress identical ah?? you still look good with the short hair

Bea said...

Thanx, Escape...but where got identical oh?

are you thinking of come for a visit?

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