Being Vain

I went to WH Smith to get my The Art of Crochet magazine the other day and guess what I left the shop with??? 


This is a set of Victoria Jackson make up. Apparently the Victoria Jackson line of cosmetics is going to break into the UK market soon. I have never heard of Victoris Jackson so I am not surprised if you have never heard of her either. In fact, I would be surprised if you have.

Anyways, the make up set consisted of (from bottom right) 3 eye liner crayons, 12 mini minty lip glosses, a bronzer with brush, a make up compact and a set of make up brushes.  Oh, and a non-scratch make up bag.  For how much you ask? hehe... £50... I'm not sure if it's a bargain or not... cos I bought 3 kohl eyeliners for £5 from Collection 2000 which is a cheapo brand...heheh you decide.

I also made a flower dog collar for myself.. it looked nice on the website but now I've made it...I'm not sure I'll really wear it...what do you think?

This time next week, I'll be with my family again!!!! Yeah!!!! Can't wait!


escape2 said...

you dun really have to wear it all the way tight at the neck. maybe fashion it like a tie on a shirt? the colours are nice

PengPeng彬彬 said...

wahhh finally got new post !!!!

make up is not really my sort of thing (as you should know by now)... but i would love to own some M.A.C product but everytime i approach the counter and see the price, i quickly walk away again :P

the dog collar as you call it looks nice but i guess it doesn't really go with the top you're wearing? may i suggest a big, round neck collar so that you can really see the dog-collar clearly?

enjoy yourself at home and bring me back lots of goodies :P


Bea said...

Escape...I also dunno lah.. cos I only just put it together and took a pic..must experiment..

Peng, of cos it doesn't go with the top... hahha... I had only just finished it and took a pic to see what it looked like on my neck mah... I think I'll give it to my sister.... maybe... MAC? aiyo and I thought your No.7 was expensive...sigh... don't lah get so expensive if you are not going to wear it!

qahina said...

I love make up and everytime somebody buys a bundle I get so intrigued - how does it feel on your skin? The test is always 2 hours after the whole application, whether it rocks your looks and stays put or melt away with sweat etc..
I think if I live in UK I wouldve gone berserk buying coz of price and variety. Good make up is expensive here, but if you're blessed with flawless and even-toned skin SINMA also can do lah! he he

ash said...

Oh my that's so far away from your original intentions! But I think it's a good deal and the colours look good. I have quite a bit of makeup but these days I just cant be bothered to wear any. Siapa nak tengok? Fishmonger or vegetable seller? :P The dog collar's nice but maybe better worn as a Texas tie i.e. loosely around the collarbone

SJB said...

£50?, not bad. By the way, have fun balik kampung ok. (^_^).

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