Not sure if you remember my little vegetable plot from months ago... well, here's an update on my plants... hehe...

My tomatoes...hahah... I have learnt my lesson. Don't sow to  many seeds if you have nowhere to plant them and get BIG pots to plant them and prepare support for them. They can grow quite tall...almost taller than me my plants!  They are sooo easy to grow and mine survived the bloody aphids and flies!!!! yeah yeah... hopefully they will survive the drought next week when we are away....  I'm eyeing my harvest!!!!

My marmande tomatoes..

These ones are the Golden Sunrise I think...

Next my salad leaves..... this is my second try. and luckily I did managed to eat some but they are tiny because again, don sow too many seeds and thin them out when they start growing! I tak sampai hati want to thin them out ba so that's why they are tiny...but they are sweet!

hehe... i don't think you can see in this next pic... but I have a grand total of..... TWO peas ...hahaha one for hubby and one for me.... must try again next year! see if you can find them! haha

And these here are blackberries... hahaha... not planted by me but enjoyed by me...except they are sooooo sour!!!!!!

My garlic harvest....leftover from the attack of the evil squirrel. stupid thing keeps digging up my garlic and planting its nuts!!! Oh well, enough for one dish! Lesson learnt : use lots of cayenne pepper powder to keep squirrel away!!!!

There you go...heheh... not much but I'm so proud of myself... will do better next year!


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