hahaha how cute is this???
haha..... I decided to take  a break from jewellery making today and try out the elephant project for my friend in KK.  To be honest, in the beginning and speaking from experience, instructions on the website this project is on is not very well written. More often than not, it doesn't come out looking like the picture.  But the elephant came out better than I thought it would. And as can be seen from the right ear, I had to improvise and fix the other ear so one looks nice and the other looks like it doesn't fit. Oh well!!! But it is cute!

I made this out of scrap yarn I had in my stash and I ran out of the light blue yarn and had to sambung with the brighter blue to finish the trunk... although I could hv just stopped when  I ran out of the light blue...hmmm cos It's a bit too long actually.  I stuffed it with tissue, aloe vera fragranced tissue, mind you! heheh cos I had no stuffing and didn't want to go and get some. 

All in all, not a bad effort I think!


PengPeng彬彬 said...

hehe i made that too when i was back home in malaysia recently and it was great fun !! and i made the giraffe with spots too and it's damn cute as well.

i'm now trying to make a turtle one to use as pin cushion for my sewing.

Bea said...

hahah i only made it cos a friend asked me to. i hope yours came out better than mine.

SJB said...

So cute :D.

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