Everything is unpacked in our new apartment now...except for hubby's books in his office.... might take a holw year before he unpacks them cos he doesn't have enough shelves...hehe... moving is a pain but when you hire movers, it cuts down a lot of hassle. so I actually managed to unpack most essentials on the day we moved cos I wanted to give the movers their boxes back. It took me 3 days actually to sort out the kitchen, lounge and our shower room. I call it oour shower room cos the shower is in the ensuite but we don use that room as our bedroom cos it was smaller than the room we use as our bedroom. our wardrobes are also in the shower room(my own walk in wardrobe!). we also hang our laundry there cos I don like the aundry in the kitchen.

Here are some pics of the apartment...first the lounge.

The lounge is upstairs... but 'you live in an apartment!' I hear you ask... hehhe.. if you look at the top right half of the pic, you can see the white ceiling... heheh it's not a very high ceiling unlike the place in Reading. See the railing at the end? This next pic is what you see when you lean over it.
That's the dining table. I covered our garden table with oil cloth.

 Remember the exercise bike in the lounge? You can see it through the railings if you look up. I'm standing by the dining table while I took this pic. See my apron and red heart on the right of the pic? Use that as your bearing in this next pic.
hehe...still with me?  The lounge is right above the kitchen and on sort of like a mezzanine floor.
Cool, isn't it??? heheh We have 3 rooms downstairs and they are all like that. In fact, all the units in this building are like this. This building, County House, used to be a hospital in the late 1800s so the ceilings are very high and they have been converted into mezzanine floors to add extra rooms. I must tremember to take a pic of the garish pink lobby and show you one of these days.

 Because there are built in cupboards... sigh... I can't reach the top shelves so this is my new kitchen helper.
I love it. I can reach anything now without having to shout for hubby... hehe

 York Minster to the right when you look out the window.

My walk in wardrobe/shower room

If you look up, that's my room/workshop

My shoes in the storage room which is supposed to be used for hanging coats.

I finally finished the latch hook door rug I bought the first time when I visited Joanne. It adds colour to the tiny hallway.

This is my new second-hand Bureau Desk. I love it!!!!

I will take pics of my room when I have tidied it a bit... heheh... it also serves as the guest room.  I also have to get used to a new place asap cos hubby is going away on a long trip soon...  So there you go... pics of my new place.


PengPeng彬彬 said...

lovely lovely lovely !!!! i must visit you soon. i really love your new place and i must say it's much much better than the reading one kan?

and i envy you so much that you have your own 'workshop'!! i long to have a sewing room one day.... one day......

will definitely visit soon !!


Bea said...

i hv to share my workshop with guests if and when i hv guests! heheh... but yes,... it's great!

SJB said...

Nice house.

Penny Manson said...

oh feels so homey, bea! :)

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