Finished projects

My new card!!!

Here is an update on my finished projects the last few weeks...

This is one of Peng Peng's pressie.... Made her a pair of earrings you can see on her blog.

A pendant and a necklace I've been playing around with to match the earring on the top right for a friend.

A bracelet I learnt to weave with beads from Beejang's blog.

A set of silvery necklace and earrings for my Coriandr shop.

Tried crocheting with wire.

My new winter cap... a bit too big and my head looks ultra big in this!

And this dress!!! hahah.. Peng found me a lady giving away her old sewing machine so I had it a while back. So one day while the husband is away, I went to Fabricland and got myself a dress pattern and cloth to make it. After cutting the pattern out laboriously with my small scissors, I had to fix the sewing machine. Cos when the lady showed me all the knobs and things, she turned this and tweaked hat to show me it worked except for the tension spring. Something was wrong with the tension spring...anyways, can't complain cos she gave it to me for free. Her husband got her a new modern one. I spent hours trying to fix it and get the tension between the needle thread and bobbin thread right... Headache.... I think the spring needs to be changed..but it's still usable and VIOLA!...I made this dress... albeit it being a size 12....heheh I thought I was so fat by now, I'm a size 12....a bit of consolation to me, I'm still a 10 or possibly an 11 ...phew!... and i was so eager to finish it while summer was still here, I was too lazy to try it and fix I'm sticking to the dress being a bit loose especially the bodice. It was supposed to be a strapless but I'm not well endowed enough to hold the dress, I made straps at the end...hehehe.. not bad bah kan.. I haven't touched a sewing machine since collage!

But I'm thinking kan...although I have lots of sewing projects to do and I even got material and patterns already!! hahha... but I'm thinking kan.. I still like making jewellery best cos I can be creative with it. I still love crochet and knitting and even subscribed to a magazine for it. But knitting and crochet take the longest. It takes forever for the project to look like what it's supposed to look like and even longer to finish! Sewing takes a hell lot of preparation but finishes fast. But I find the preparation most tedious. Maybe it's also due to my personality...hahah Nobody can accuse me of being organised and I don like planning either...

There's something about working with your hands and making something that is sooooo therapeutic and soothing! No wonder I haven't lost my temper in a while....heheh although the husband like sto think it's because of him...wakakaka...


PengPeng彬彬 said...

Nice handywork !!! and the pink really suits you. am glad you've finally made some use out of the sewing machine that you got from sue !

love the silver necklace and earrings !!

and i think i may have left my knitting and crochet for a bit too long now coz like you said, things take too long to take form. sewing's quicker, haha.

so i've got this project and that lined up so i can't wait to sit in front of the machine again !!


Bea said...

haha i think my ranking goes like this :

1. jewellery
2. crochet and knitting

haha...i'm more into making clothes than bags though...

PengPeng彬彬 said...

my ranking goes like this

1. sewing
2. sewing
3. sewing

escape2 said...

nice work with the dress. at first glance i thought it was bought.
and i lurve the card too.
can i give a suggestion with the background that you use to display your jewelery in coriandr?
the pieces do not stand out that much when you use the furry white backdrop especially those silver and pearly sets. maybe you can try a darker background then the focus will be on the jewelery.

ok only offense.

Bea said...

haha i know that already, Linsun... and i will keep that in mind, cos you are not the first to say it anyway. i hv tried using a darker background with the silvery set but the lighting in this house is funny and a darker background made the set glow! so i gave up and used the furry one.

SJB said...

Nice dress. Wah..makin busy you ni.

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