March Madness

Wow!! It's almost end of March already! Time really flies when you're busy and March has been quite a month!

In my last post, I mentioned that I was starting a new curtain course. I have just sent off my first assignment yesterday. Yippee!!!!

I have so far learnt or realised that there are so many kinds of curtain styles and fabric out there. Before this even though I liked fabric, I have never really looked at the curtains. Now, everywhere I go, I look at the windows and I look at the window treatments to see what has been done and how I can change it. I have also found the styles I like and ones that are unusual, etc.

So anyways, for the first assignment, I was supposed to do a customer sample board for a window treatment - style, which room, fabric, etc. this is what I came up up.

I realised that I prefer more dramatic curtains as in the pic above. It has a sheer roman blind and a dress curtain. Dress curtains are just for show rather than practicality. And the fabric I chose for this is just gorgeous!!! One day, when I have my own house, I will make dramatic curtains...for my study maybe....hehe...hubby prefers plain roman blinds...borinnggggg! Hehe

I had another idea drawn and colored but I shall leave that for the next post.... Hehe whenever that may be...

Curtains, anyone???


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