Hospital Stay-Part3

Everyday, it was blood test in the morning and pills to take, then blood sugar test, then pulse record. By Monday, the nurses only came every 2 hours. By Tuesday, again I was disappointed cos I couldn't go home yet!!! One more day they said, to make sure everything is ok and I don end up back there again. So on Tuesday, the respiratory nurses came and showed me how to use inhalers, a physiotherapist to show me how to breathe properly so I can make sure my lungs get exercises to expand properly and so I can expel the phelgm from my lungs.

Apparently, Reading has high cases of asthma because it's in the Thames Valley. No wonder I got sick!!! And it all started cos I got wet in the rain....sigh!!!! and ppl blame it on my smoking??? sigh!!!!

Anyways, I tried walking on my own on Monday cos I was dying to get out and wanted to show them I am better.

Also, I hate the jabs they were giving me for my muscles cos you hardly move in the hospital so the muscles get lazy. Those bloody jabs hurt like mad. It's like having fire injected into your stomach cos it has to be where there's a lot of flesh. Up till now, the holes of the jabs are red and i have a bruise on my stomach.

And my arm was swollen from the drips and my arm felt like it was bursting out of my skin.

My knees were wobbly and still are even today. I get tired very quickly now. I can't smoke and dying from the cravings. I feel ugly cos my hair is falling out for some reason and I had flakes on my scalp which I never had before. My nose is peeling. My throat is still very dry. My eye sight for some reason is horrible and I have to wear glasses 24/7 now. And for the past few days I had to clear my nose of dried blood from the oxygen. All horrible.


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