Peng's Visit

Peng came over and stayed with me two weekends ago. It's very nice of her to come and take care of me while Rick was away in Cairo that weekend and because I had just come out of the hospital, she was very nice and came over to make sure I was ok while Rick's away. Rick was so relieved.

It was sort of a crocheting weekend as well as a 'yong tau fu'/steamboat weekend. hehe...we made brinjal yong tau fu, courgette yong tau fu, wantan and mushroom yong tau fu but we forgot the tauhu! and then we made fishballs/... all in tom yam's was heavenly since we can't get yong tau fu here...i think over that weekend, I put on like 1 kg!!!

It was fun..and I appreciate Peng coming over so much... that's what a really good friend is!


Fidelia said...

Is Peng-Peng working in UK? Itz been ages since I last heard news frm her ;(

Bea said...

yup...u hv Facebook kan? She too... Go thru my friends on Facebook and you will see her

Cheryl Leong said...

Lucky you got a fren in UK to share some time with. The cooking session sure looks fun to me ;)

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