I am so amzaingly bored today.....not to mention being so short fused!!!! I hate going in to class nowadays since I have been ill.... Come to think it...I have always been bad and quick tempered even in class, but these few days have been amzaing. I think I even broke my own record! 2 mins of being in class would put me and my students in hell. God! I hate even myself! I wouldn't want to be my own students!

what's happened is... they are doing renovation work outside my office. This place being in a closed building is not exactly good for air ventilation. so the doc said I am sensitive to pollution in the air and that has made my airways irritated and now I have Bronchitis which is Inflammation of the Airways. so he put me on Ventolyn pills which opens up my airways but gives me amazing all day long tremors, antibiotics, sinus medication, fever stuff and phelgm stuff so my body is full od medication again. and the silly medication just dulls all my sense especially the feel-good ones. so my students and I are all suffering.

Also my arse of an uncle has all but barred me and my sibings from visiting my grandma who's staying at their house cos she had a fall and needed ppl to take care of her cos she can't really move on her own. She has a hairline fracture on her hip plate or watever you call it. Anyways, he has been giving my aunt shit for us going to visit grandma at their house so often. so now, we can't go so often, or so many of us and weekends are also out. Basically, we have to wait till he is not at home first before we can go visit out grandma. I got so pissed off at my aunt for doing that after my mom blamed me for visiting my grandma so late, I called her to demand for the 'right' time to visit. well, to cut the bloody story short, she turned all teary on me and made me feel like an arse. talk about emotional blackmail!!!!!


Cheryl Leong said...

Bea, get well soon. Must be vy difficult for you now to work & being sick...

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