hehehe... it's been almost a month since Christmas and only now do I have the time and energy to blog about our Christmas Eve dinner. Christmas Eve dinner is a tradition in our family and we almost always have dinner on Christmas Eve. As always, we had turkey for dinner...yummy!!!

And of course the whole family's home for dinner. So managed to take some pics with the kids.

But the best part of Christmas is always opening our presents. And now that we have all grown up, the part is watching the kids open their presents. This is a pic of Annabelle opening hers. Isn't she just adorable?

Rick flew over to see me on 26 Dec cos he couldn't get an earlier flight so the poor dear had to fly on Christmas Eve and spend Christmas Day on the plane and in a hotel in Johor cos the earliest flight out to KK was on 26 morning. He was exhausted cos he had been flying almost non-stop since November. We had such a wonderful time together and we even went shopping for his new clothes and books for us. I missed him so much since coming back here. And it was good for him too cos it gave him a chance to rest from work. He even managed to stop working while he was here!!! heheh.. he's just wonderful! Now of course, it's back to chatting online and sms and phone calls again...sigh!!!!


gerald said...

belated christmas to you. glad to hear you spent quality time with rick. i'm back to chatting online and sms and phone calls too...

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