My Grandma

My grandma passed away on tuesday. My mom and i were the last ones, apart from the amah, to see her. It was really wierd that afternoon. My mom told me to go home from the office, but on the way home, before i knew it, i was on the road to the hospital. I couldn't get on the other lane so i went to the hospital hoping my mom would still be visiting my grandma. I ran into my mom at the lifts. My mom was very shocked to see me. Then we went up again to see my grandma. My grandma was already in a coma by then cos the night before the doc said she wouldn't last the night. Her breathing was very shallow and i felt for her pulse but it was weak. I asked my grandma not to scare me and she took a breath. Believe it or not. We stayed for a bit, then we went home just after 4. I took a short nap when we got home. By then, it was after 4.30. Abt half hour or so later, i woke up suddenly cos i heard a sound by my ear. I sat up confused and scared but my sister was asleep. I tried to nap again but couldn't. So i got up and watched tv for a while. Then i thought i heard the phone. My brother called my mom and told her grandma had passed away. I didn't realise it until on the way to the funeral parlour. It was really wierd.


Cheryl Leong said...

My condolences to you & ur family. I know how u feel. Just take care yah

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