i can't believe how insensitive some people are when someone dies. I'm beginning to think that death does indeed break ties and shows a person's true colours. I first noticed it firsthand when my maternal grandparents passed away. Before they were in their graves, my mom's siblings were fighting for the million ringgit in the bank and my grandparents' assets. Now, my father's one sister and her family are fighting for my grandma's leftover funeral contributions or "bak gam" and my grandma's funeral is over yet! I took charge of holding the money. The funeral parlour gave us a box for the contributions. I came back this morning and i knew someone had tried to open the box. My grandma's furniture has been sold and can you imagine wat ppl will think when they go over to my grandma's place after the funeral? And the fabrications they wove abt how sickly my grandma was at the hospital for the month she was there! They were hardly there! Little do they know my grandma was joking with us and complaining to us when she was there. She was very sick but she wasn't sick all the time. Even at the funeral parlour, ... Sigh! ... My father is still weak so he can't come all the time. But the rest of us are here from morning till night. But these ppl ... They are very clever. They come in the morning and disappear after lunch. Then come for a while after dinner. My cousin come at night. All eyeing the contribution box. Sigh! I'm very angry at these ppl! When the doc said grandma had only a few hours left on sunday night, my aunt actually called me and told us we didn't have to go to the hospital immediately, that we should go later since she still had a few hours cos they would only go later. I told her to take her time but we were going there immediately. My aunt even told my mom that her husband told her to just wait at home for the death call! My poor grandma! To be honest, i'm a bit glad she's passed on because she doesn't need to endure these ppl anymore!


escape2 said...

my condolences...
now the fox's tail is up..but the most important is your family must stay together!
hope the commotion will pass soon.

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