I'm so stressed by everything that has been happening at home... lol... to the point of picking fights with total strangers because of the way they drive... all I can say about this is that if i ever find them again, I'm going to trash their car!!!!

Grandma is still in the hospital. When she gets bad, she's very bad. She almost died a couple of times. but for some reason, these few days, she's been fantastic. She's aware of people around her and recognises people. She even been complaining about the maid who's looking after her and about how bland the food is. And she has been asking for certain food as well. I do hope this will last. The last few days, she was coma-like. She'd sleep and not wake up. She'd stop breathing. She hasn't eaten for weeks. And when she's awake, she's fidgety and couldn't recognise people. She also had lockjaw for 2 days. I reall hope she'll stay well for at least another couple of years or so.

My family and I are all so stressed out that the atmosphere at home was at times totally unbearable. It was awful staying at home and going to see my grandma in that state was heartbreaking.

I really hope things will start turning better now.


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